Nine high-risk areas where security vulnerabilities exist in the system

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1. The Guest account and the HelpAssistant account are not closed. Strangers easily access your shared files or take advantage of the system's own remote Assistance to invade.

2, Telnet remote Connection service is not closed, hackers often use their vulnerabilities remote connection user computer, once the connection is successful, your computer control is completely in the hands of hackers.

3, Windows Remote Desktop Connection open, easy to be detected by hackers 3389 port open and be easily invaded.

4, Remote Desktop Services open, easy to be exploited by hackers.

5. The Registry remote Connection service is not closed. The registry is a powerful configuration tool, and once a hacker edits your registry remotely through the service, you will be able to manipulate the registry to manipulate any service on your computer system.

6, the disk character hidden share is not closed, hackers remote intrusion system, can be very convenient to use the letter hidden share, copy Trojan to any directory.

7, admin$ system hidden share is not closed, hackers after the invasion of the use of this share easy to copy the trojan to the Windows directory.

8, Windows Firewall is turned off, Windows Firewall is good to prevent external computers scan your computer, please keep Windows Firewall in the enabled.

9, did not set the system login password or too simple. The failure to set a login password or password is too simple for hackers to open a door to come and go freely.

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