web application security vulnerabilities

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Web Security Common web vulnerabilities

Web application refers to the use of B/s architecture, through the HTTP/HTTPS protocol to provide services. With the wide use of the Internet, Web applications have been integrated into every aspect of daily life: online shopping, internet banking

Vulnerability scan: detects how many security vulnerabilities your Web system has.

The openness of the Internet makes Web systems face the threat of intrusion attacks, and building a secure Web system has always been the goal of people. A practical method is to establish a relatively easy-to-implement relatively secure system and

Understanding cloud computing Vulnerabilities

Earlier, IEEE's Security & Privacy published an article titled Understanding Cloud Computing Vulnerabilities. Recently translated by InfoQ into Chinese, it is reproduced as follows:Discussions on cloud computing security often fail to differentiate

A study on the classification of security vulnerabilities in computer network Systems _ Surfing

The purpose of this article is to summarize some things, solve the problem in the process of trying to construct a vulnerability database, that is how to classify the computer network vulnerabilities. Some of the ideas in this article are not mature,

Identifies common Web Application Security Vulnerabilities to effectively prevent intrusion

Today, with the popularization of the Internet and the rapid evolution of Web technology, online security is facing increasingly severe challenges. With the increase in the availability of online information and services, as well as the growth of

Classification of Computer Network System Security Vulnerabilities

The purpose of this article is to summarize some things and solve the main problems encountered when attempting to construct a Vulnerability Database, that is, how to classify computer network vulnerabilities. Some of the ideas in this article are

2015 Mobile Security vulnerability Annual Report--Ali Poly Security

Reprint: http://jaq.alibaba.com/community/art/show?articleid=1942015 Mobile Security Vulnerability Annual ReportChapter 2015 Application Vulnerabilities1.1. Open application vulnerability types and distributions in the industry2015 is an

How to Prevent hacker intrusion [4]: basic prevention of Security Vulnerabilities

Today, we will introduce security vulnerabilities. Considering the blog reader group, this article is mainly intended for Windows desktop operating systems and should be as simple as possible. If you are familiar with security, skip this article to

Top 10 Ajax security vulnerabilities and their causes

JavaScript Ajax is an important component of Web applications. The evolution of this Part has turned the network into a super platform. The transformation also gave birth to new varieties of viruses and worms, such as Yamanner, Samy, and Spaceflash.

Securing Web applications with Rational AppScan part 1th: Getting Started with web security and Rational AppScan

ObjectiveToday's world, the Internet (Internet) has become a very important foundation platform, many enterprises will be used to set up the platform, to provide customers with more convenient and fast service support. These applications are

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