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The construction of small office network has become another application hotspot outside Soho office. We have found that the way in which small businesses are built is no longer as traditional and old-fashioned as envisioned, and that more and more small wireless networks are active in small office environments.

This is thanks to the low price of small lines from the product prices, as well as the simplicity of wireless local area network (WLAN), many enterprises give up the cable network and choose WLAN Office Solutions, simple is the biggest reason.

For broadband users, if not using any network equipment, and through the software proxy server to achieve broadband sharing although feasible. But for a large number of clients, users with high network performance requirements, such as Soho users and small and medium-sized enterprises, are unable to meet their needs.

Typically, users will only apply for a single broadband line, and broadband operators to provide the account can only be valid for an intranet IP address, at this time this IP address can normally use public network IP, but other intranet IP address cannot use the same account login, the network will think the second is illegal embezzlement account, and thus refused to log on the Internet. This makes many computers in an awkward situation. The previous routers for enterprise-level users, although able to solve the problem of Internet sharing, but because the price is too high to make Soho users and small enterprises can not afford, with the growth of demand for soho/personal users of broadband routers, after several years of development has been very mature, and the price of civilians, has made it widely used among soho/individual users.

A company is a typical small enterprise, the number of desktop PCs less than 10, in addition to two laptops, also can be regarded as a typical "SOHO." The internet uses blue-wave broadband (broadband service providers, similar to the song Hua cable, the Great Wall Broadband-editor note) to provide broadband home, because the company rented a commercial and residential buildings, so there is only one broadband interface. To enable corporate data to be shared, they formed a small local area network, connected by a 10/100m network card and nearly 10 computers in a hub (hub), which, although generally, had been able to meet the simple requirements of file transfer.

Sourcing from demand

The problem with such a small tandem network soon manifests itself, company staff at the same time the Internet bandwidth distribution is uneven, in the network, due to consideration of cost reasons, in a relatively good performance of the PC installed two network cards, hope to be able to through the proxy server to achieve the Internet share of all PCs- After all, costs are an important factor for small businesses to consider--and, because the Blue wave broadband uses the "IP Gateway Control" billing form, an account can only be for an IP address, so they use the Sygate Server Agent software, although this software can solve some problems, but not completely solved, Far from ensuring that all employees of the company at the same time online, a period of time there will always be a few colleagues to experience the high speed of the network to bring the work of high efficiency, greatly affected the efficiency of the work and way. On the one hand, to ensure performance, while also taking into account costs, this is good?

After repeated applications, the company finally approved the purchase of broadband wireless router applications, but the cost is limited, or to be prudent. Soho to the network's demand to believe that there are many people will meet, other people are how to solve it? Listen to friends, a computer enthusiast said his family has three computers (two PCs, a notebook), he used a brand of low-end broadband wireless router, said the performance is good. So the company in the Zhongguancun Dragon Mansion in a monopoly Soho network products in the counter to find this product. The product is in the budget, but also a number of wireless features, can be counted as two laptops to find a "mobile companion." It should be explained that this product has four switch ports, you can directly connect four PCs. Back to the company, open the packaging, careful study, the process is really good, packaging things are also relatively complete, but also attached to a network cable.

The application is actually very simple

In fact, with the previous establishment of the LAN Foundation, and then add this router is very simple. The Hub's uplink interface is connected to a switched port built into the router via a network cable. You can also connect three computers directly to a router, which allows you to attach more than three hub ports to more computers. They chose the latter and then connected the router to the broadband interface, and since there are four RJ-45 interfaces that are switch interfaces, each port has 100M of bandwidth, and the other connected to the hub shares 10M of bandwidth. Test, performance improvement is very obvious, with the 10/100m network card, directly connected to the switch port PC transmission rate can reach 100M bandwidth.

Originally thought the difficulty will appear in the router configuration process, did not think the configuration process unexpectedly smoothly. Through the Web interface to complete the entire network configuration process.

The following is a brief discussion of the process of configuring a router. This router's setup is very simple, it can be set up directly through IE, the default address is:, this is also the gateway address in this small LAN. Open a Web browser, enter the address of the wireless router in the address bar, and the system will require a login password. The password can be queried on the product specification.

The first step is to enter in the IE column, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

The second step is to configure the main screen, configure the router, as shown in Figure 2, 3. Other Ignore all use the default setting, click Apply, the foundation set OK.

Figure 2

Figure 3

The third step is simpler in terms of wireless configuration, as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4

The fourth step, according to the installation instructions and finally the wired network card and wireless card TCP/IP properties are set to automatically obtain IP address. Other settings can be done by default, as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

Everything is ready to reboot each client, and a standard Peer-to-peer network can be run after it completes. Finally, on any one of the machines on the network service access to user name and password authentication, you can share the Internet through the broadband router.

Since the company used wireless Broadband Router 3, wireless and cable networks have been running very stable, the management process is very simple, improve the efficiency of their colleagues. Its scalability is very strong, for the future expansion of the company's local area network to provide the basis for reducing the cost of late investment, from this point of view, the use of wireless broadband routers to bring them the benefits and convenience, will be more and more as time goes on to appear.

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