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  the bright spot (bad point) problem of the LCD of the notebook computer can not be ignored :

  What is the bright spot on the LCD of the notebook computer?

For LCD monitors, a maximum resolution of 1024x768 screen has 786,432 Light point group (a light point group again by three points of light, respectively, control the brightness of RGB filter), using the above each of the light points in the group of Light points independently responsible for the color display and light brightness. The highlights will occur on all LCD screens, including the color LCD screen on the digital camera. Because each point on the LCD screen has an independent transistor to control the strength of its current, if the point of the crystal has occurred, it will cause the light point will always be lit or not light. In the background of all black backgrounds will be shiny color points, called bright spots.

  What is the direct disadvantage of the LCD bright spot of the notebook computer?

With the popularity of notebook computers, the composition of user groups has also undergone a great change, user application needs are increasingly diverse, but whether it is work, study or life, users of a variety of ways to use the display through the graphics provided by the image to complete, so the quality of visual effects will directly affect the normal use of users, And the bright spot as the flaw of the LCD display caused the user to use the feeling of imperfect, light will affect the user's visual interference, the formation of the image of the error judgment, resulting in serious economic losses, so LCD no bright spots should become the most important notebook computer technology and indicators.

There are several examples to illustrate the importance of LCD no bright spot: As an electronic circuit design engineers, using a 15.6-inch 1920*1080 high-resolution screen, in this high-resolution screen, to engage in precision and meticulous design drawings, when a should not have a bright spot, out of the present improper place, It can be mistaken for a resistor or capacitor design, which in turn makes the wrong judgment, because it is likely to make the whole design go awry; for example, for some word processors, the bright spot of LCD screens is also inconvenient, and most business professionals Often use Excel or PowerPoint applications to do numerical analysis on laptops, amount calculation, account management, and so on, and a small bright spot on the laptop LCD screen is likely to mislead the user into thinking it is a semicolon and making a mistake about the amount or value. , the difference could be 108,000.

  How should users determine the LCD highlights easily?

In fact, the simplest way for users is in the purchase before, into the display settings, and then into the appearance of settings, the background color selected for the black screen, check whether there are shiny color points.

  How do users avoid the use of the process to create a bright spot?

Because of the very complicated reasons for the LCD bright spot of the notebook computer, so there is no direct and effective way to avoid the bright spot, but the user pay attention to operate the notebook computer in accordance with the standard procedure, take care of the LCD screen of the notebook computer, pay attention to waterproof, dustproof, radiation protection, strong light irradiation, Prevention of high temperature burns and other basic protection methods.

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