Notebook system under the CD-ROM drive does not have the letter or Red fork of the phenomenon shows

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Failure phenomenon:

Lenovo 7, 8 series notebook computer, after entering the system, a period of time will appear optical drive is not available, sometimes the CD-ROM icon has a red fork, and sometimes the optical drive icon disappears, there are two phenomena when the Device Manager does not have an optical drive. The optical drive can be found each time at post. Is it normal? Figure:


This behavior is normal, is the notebook product itself a power management function, the basic principle is based on: the optical drive in the client's usage is not too high, in the battery mode alone, the CD-ROM tray, the system in the detection of 3 minutes without action will turn off the optical drive power to save battery consumption, thereby increasing the battery life capacity.

If you cancel this power-saving function, can you do it? This feature can be turned off in the source management software and cancel the hook on the red circle in the image below. However, in the existing 7, 8 series notebook computer Standard 6.0, 7.0 two version of the power management software in each iteration of the operating interface, do not find the relevant operating interface. Continue to find the Help file for power management software 7.0, as described in "System Setup": "Intelligent Optical Drive Power saver: This feature has no setting interface, when the machine support, the built-in optical drive idle up to 3 minutes, the optical drive automatically into the energy-saving state, you can save power for your notebook, when the optical drive into energy-saving state, double-click" My Computer " The optical drive icon in the window or by pressing the CD-ROM button to activate the drive, which is valid in all modes in battery mode. "As shown in figure:

This shows that this feature is currently not supported set to disabled, the power management design is so.


As can be seen from the above figure, "Intelligent CPU power saving" and "intelligent Noise sensing" two features also have no design settings interface.

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