Notes for server Leasing

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Today, I want to pay attention to the area of server leasing, and give the webmasters some points to pay attention. Most people who rent servers generally think of the price, configuration, and stability of the data center, but they do not know whether you have thought about it or not. Moreover, they are not completely controlled by themselves, if you choose an IDC with a high price, high configuration, and high stability commitment, are you sure you are at ease and have no worries? Another is that many customers now choose boot testing, but generally formal IDC businesses do not provide boot testing. After all, the company's customers are not one or two, if the company provides a boot test for each customer, I believe that the cost alone cannot be borne by the company. If you say a company will provide a boot test, you can also think about it. Maybe they have a machine dedicated to the boot test: high configuration, high bandwidth.
At that time, you must be very satisfied with the test results. Fortunately, you finally found a low-price and high-performance data center.
But when you paid, he told you that when the machine was shelved, did you suddenly find that the original situation was not as expected? The original high speed was only available during the test, at this time, you may find that the original boot test does not necessarily find what you want. In fact, we should not only consider server configuration, server room defense, server room bandwidth, server room environment, but also the bandwidth guaranteed by the server room and Post-service of the server room, these are all very important.
In particular, the later services, because the servers all require 24 hours of operation, once problems cannot be solved in a timely manner, the interests of users will be greatly damaged.
Therefore, configuration, defense, bandwidth, and service are all issues that must be considered and valued when we lease servers.
Configuration is the most basic guarantee. It will be a waste of bandwidth, and we believe this is very clear.
Defense: the single-line data center defense problem also reflects the bandwidth of the data center from the side. If the bandwidth is not that large, I believe he cannot implement many defense measures. I will not say much about the dual-line data center, defense is generally not too high. If you want to play a game, you have to worry about it. It is estimated that the attack will not be very effective if it is too large, but now there seems to be another way to solve this problem. Bandwidth, speed assurance, bandwidth such as the road, too many people, it can be seen that the width is not wide enough. However, you must remember that powerful companies and data centers can ensure sufficient bandwidth services. Later services are equally important to the selection of data centers and lines,
Because there may be things to solve in the future, and we will certainly feel cheated if we don't find anyone.
Select a server. Do you only care about the price? Do you still care if you can start the test?
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Notes for server Leasing

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