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My 2004



Time, in a hurry. In 2004, it was a piece of scattered memory to stay in the twinkling of an eye. It's sweet and sour! That is why we want to complete our lives with more colors. Leave this article to remember the time that has elapsed and the course that has elapsed.


Graduation is almost the only way for children now. Similarly, I did not. After graduating from the university, I entered a blank job after leaving the school. I remember that at the job fair at the Baiyun Institute of Technology in early March, I had a transfer with a friend there and went back to school! At that time, I really saw the labor force in China. The so-called job fair gave me the first image of a sea of people. Then, the first instinct is to leave Guangzhou because today it does not belong to me.

I came to Dongguan one after another at the end of the month. I stayed here for a month and found several jobs. I didn't do it for various reasons, until I went back to school in February to complete my graduation design. Maybe I really miss the days of reading, and I really want to think about the reasons for reading again. I gave up two companies that felt pretty good. It's really hard to find a job! People say that opportunities are difficult to meet. Go back to the talent market in the city center every two or three days. Get up at six and take a bus. It takes two or three hours to get there. In the talent market, there are not many jobs that really suit you. Find a job in your abilities in this area. I feel a lot. At that time, I was really lost. I had a quarrel with my sister, and my family was so worried. When I picked up something and returned to school, I felt like it was easy.

After returning to school, many of my dormitory roommates have found a job. So the dormitory is already "empty. I will do my graduation design whenever I have time, and I am bored with the dormitory next door. My life is so free and easy! After the graduation project was handed in, I went back to Dongguan to find a job in May.

This time I have no concerns. I have only one thought in my mind. I want to find a job first! In this way, we entered this enterprise today. Another colleague came in with me and we were recruited together.

This company is not so good. It was said that the Taiwan-funded enterprises are very stingy. This time it's really time to see. However, I have learned a lot here. I have been interested in learning at school.Asp.netI didn't expect my job to be it now. After a three-month trial period, you can read books and do what you actually do. Basically, you can write a little thing. What I learned here is far from accessible in school. Later, we gradually participated in the development of several system projects, and our capabilities have also increased significantly.

however, you know that you will definitely leave here. Since the moment I came in, I felt deeply that this company did not belong to me. Although the size of an enterprise is large, the company's internal staff are not united, and the relationship is complex. Maybe this is exclusive to big groups, and maybe this enterprise has problems with management! This is not the main reason, but more importantly, its own development. Many of the company's employees are idle. The so-called idle people occupy nothing to do on a daily basis and occupy a mixed day 60% , very sad. Slowly, I found that the team spirit here is very little, almost none. For a long time, I am also numb myself! When chatting with me in May year 56, I could only hear one of them: I dare not go out.

It is imminent to choose to leave today. The road is still long. Where will I go again in 2005? Blank..............



ArticleIt was a little messy, just with a wave. Write down, only to write down.Happy Lantern Festival!



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