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SharePoint learning kit Core Content Overview (3)

learner in the assignment process. In addition, some data is processed before it is returned by the view. For example, the final point is displayed only after the course record has been "Returned" by the instructor. In this case, the learnerassignmentlistforlearners Definition specifies that when the learner's course record status is less than "final", the final point returns NULL. The SLK query is defined in the SLK configuration XML file. It is used to provide a flexible way to organize dat

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ArticleDirectory Number of final points recorded by the learner Course Changes in calculated points and final points SCORM 2004 sucess status SLK Verification SCORM 2004 reactivate Continue to introduce the scoring mechanism. Automatic score (LRM) for each interaction) Each interaction in L

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Default Value Where to store Lrm Default Value in index. xml Assignmentitem. pointspossible SCORM 2004 100 Assignmentitem. pointspossible SCORM 1.2 Null Assignmentitem. pointspossible Non-eLearning Null Assignmentitem. pointspossible In the alwp and SLK assignment

We recommend an open-source LMS system Ilias.

Ilias is the best open-source Learning and management system I have ever seen. With the release of the new version, its functions become more and more perfect and more powerful. Currently, mainstream LMS product providers in China only support scorm1.2 in terms of courseware standard support. The SCORM standard supported by the Ilias system has reached version 2004. Currently, Ilias supports Lom,

SharePoint learning kit

history of the Document Library To store the uploaded learning content, you must first enable version history. Otherwise, you may encounter many unpredictable problems.1. Click SHARE document. Here I will rename this document library as a learning resource library.2. Go to the document library settings in the settings3. There is a version control setting under the general settings.4. Select create major version and click OK. Assign a learning task Return to the document

SCORM standard courseware Creation

Make the courseware meet the SCORM standard and contain two aspects: 1. the courseware can be correctly imported to the platform; 2. the courseware can be successfully communicated with the platform. I. SCORM courseware import: supports SCORM standard platforms to read "imsmanifest. XML file to obtain the course title, course structure, and course address. The "M

Office Document Template Collection Download _ Common Tools

Office Document Template collection \ Office Document template Collection 2004-02-20 11:01 a.m. 4,978 Professional Service performance appraisal form. zip 2004-02-20 11:01 a.m. 7,447 business Staff assessment form. zip 2004-02-20 11:01 Morning 5,975 Middle-level leadership annual work Review sheet. zip 2004-02-20 11:

[Full-Process Modeling] discussion on the primitive Method -- A dialogue with wonder

2004-11-10 16:57:06 wonderWhat kind of prototype are there? 16:58:08 qingrunThe practical prototype and demonstration prototype are mainly these two types.Some other prototype concepts have also been derived, such as progressive prototype and abandonment prototype. 16:58:32 qingrunThis is my current opinion. I have never seen any detailed information about the prototype method. 2004-11-10 16:58:56 wonderWha

Linux2.6 all kernel download addresses __linux Index of/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6 Name Last modified Size Parent directory-incr/ 03-aug-2011 20:47-longterm-review/01-mar-2012 21:39-longterm/ 14-dec-2011 20:16-next/11-oct-2011 23:11-pre-releases/ 18-dec-2003 15:50-snapshots/30-may-2011 12:56-stable-review/01-aug-2011 23:36-testing/12-oct-2011 22:51-changelog-2.6.0 18-dec-2003 03:04 12K ChangeLog-2.6.1 09-jan-2004 07:08 1

SCORM and Internet education

SCORMAnd Internet education Written by nius: 2011-10-22 Blog: The last simple translation of the SCORM protocol (portal), from the complexity of the protocol, we can roughly understand why this standard is still, at least in China, obscure. We can use SCORM to discuss Internet-based education.The instructor is a user SCORM aims to develop a comple

Two classic SQL statements related to dates

Statement 1. What is the maximum number of days of the month in which a date is obtained with a statement? SELECT Day (DATEADD (DD,-day (' 2004-02-13 '), DATEADD (mm, 1, ' 2004-02-13 '))-as ' Day number ' 2. Fewer records become multiple records problems There are table TBL Date Income expenditure 2004-02-11 00:00:00 60 45

How can I make flashget "normal and valid" download the custom file link in the session? JSP/Servlet implementation!

// ================================================ ========================================================== ==============================/*As a supplement to the previous two articles:Http:// How can I make flashget "normal and valid" download the custom file link in the session? JSP/Servlet i

Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities in WordPress SCORM Cloud Plugin 'ajax. php'

Release date: 2011-09-07Updated on: Affected Systems:WordPress SCORM Cloud system:WordPress SCORM Cloud id: 49484Cve id: CVE-2011-5216 The WordPress SCORM Cloud plug-in can convert WordPress sites to LMS. WordPress

The use of SQL LOADER TXT file import very fast

"),Lastmodifiedtime DATE "mm/dd/yyyy HH24:MI:SS" Nullif (lastmodifiedtime= "NULL"))Begindata1; " JP ";" Japan "; 1;9;" 09/16/2004 16:31:32 "; Null2; " CN ";" China "; 1;10;" 09/16/2004 16:31:32 "; Null3; " In ";" India "; 1;11;" 09/16/2004 16:31:32 "; Null4; " AU ";" Australia "; 6;12;" 09/16/2004 16:31:32 "; Null5; "

Learn the use of Oracle SQL Loader

Oracle Learn the use of Oracle SQL Loader One: Features of SQL loader Oracle has a number of tools that can be used to migrate, backup, and restore data. But each tool has its own characteristics. For example, exp and IMP can export and export data in the database, which is a good tool for database backup and recovery, so it is mainly used in the hot backup and recovery of the database. Has a fast, easy to use, quick advantages, but also have some drawbacks, such as in the different versions of

SCORM datamodel implementation

SCORM divides the CMI data in datamodel into eight categories, SCORM defines and uses each data, includes sub-data items, output data formats, behaviors of data referenced by LMS, samples used by SCO, supported API functions, required or not, and data type and SCO access permissions are described in detail.1. cmicore CMI. Core: required information provided by all CMI systems, which is required by all SCO a

Enable the custom connection for file download to support resumable multi-thread link download of flashget! JSP/Servlet implementation!

(P ); Byte [] B = new byte [1024];Int I; // While (I = Raf. Read (B ))! =-1) // tested randomaccessfile can also be implemented. If you are interested, remove the annotation and comment out the fileinputstream statement.While (I = Fi. Read (B ))! =-1){Response. getoutputstream (). Write (B, 0, I );}// Raf. Close (); // The randomaccessfile can also be tested. If you are interested, remove the annotation and comment out the fileinputstream statement.FCM. Close ();%> ===========================

Java generates XML files

Because of the work required, the following XML needs to be generated:XML version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?>Root>ScormTheme= "2016-06-22 18:09:45"Speakor=""Introduction=""Scromtype= "1">videolistName= "Channel 1"Count= "1">VideoFile= "111.mp4" Time= "118000"/>videolist>videolistName= "Channel 2"Count= "1">VideoFile= "222.mp4" Time= "118000"/>videolist>indexlistCount= "0"/>ChangelistCount= "0"/>Scorm>Root>View CodeHere's how to write: Public voidcreatx

RSS history of Microsoft Development Center (21)

----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: receive SMS messages in managed applications Time: 2004-11-30 11:00:00 Introduction: In this article, we will describe a method to receive SMS messages in a hosted application, the SMS message does not appear in the inbox and does not display a pop-up notification when the SMS message arrives. ----------------------------------------------- Begin

RSS history of Microsoft Development Center (24)

----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: how to use IPsec to implement secure communication between two servers Time: 2004-10-25 11:00:00 Introduction: IPSec is used in two Microsoft? Windows? 2000 configure a secure communication channel between computers in the server operating system. ----------------------------------------------- Begin ---------------------------------------------

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