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at present, the cloud desktop manufacturers and suppliers to adapt to the current trend of cloud computing development, products flooded into the market, dizzying. But calm analysis, can accurately grasp the market on the merits and demerits of products, to buy genuine, cost-effective ultra-high products. In fact, the current cloud desktop technology has not fully reached the point of maturity, cloud desktop products and real PC gap is very obvious (not to say that the cloud desktop is not good, but he has additional,the PC does not have the advantages, please see other about the Professional cloud desktop introduction article to find the answer it). There are at least some of the following:

1, with the real PC experience There is a big gap. For example: Multimedia software, graphic image software use, audio playback and so on.

2, its real computing power, can not be fully referenced in the Cloud desktop operating system Properties display CPU, memory and other indicators to judge. Under the same parameters, the two are completely not a grade.

3, 3D performance of the short board, so that the cloud desktop and the PC is completely not a horizontal line.

4, hardware is the result of virtualization, not real hardware, so the performance and real hardware gap is very obvious.

In order to be able to buy a better price for their products, to avoid falling into the trap of the manufacturer design, but also please eyes peeled carefully screened. There are still a lot of fake clouds on the market today. Because the manufacturers deployed the Cloud desktop products, most directly set the password, so that we can not be screened on the server, this article focuses on the terminal aspects of the introduction. So we must eyes peeled ah, nonsense less, let us take a look, there are any fake guys in the market jumping to jump.

1. Super Terminal type

the so-called super is that the cloud terminal is not a "thin terminal" in the cloud concept, but some configuration of the terminal and The PC definitely has a spelling situation. easily i3,i5 and i7 Cloud Terminal, if the cloud terminal so strong, you buy a computer is not finished, why do old fashion? Talk less, pay attention to several cloud terminals:

1) no-disk station posing as a cloud desktop product

Diskless Station is a very old topic, it is characterized by the terminal is not stored, the rest of the components super tough. and a single server with a super number of terminals. This is a basic feature of diskless stations, but at this time and become the manufacturers to promote their own technology "selling point."

Screening method: Directly check the computer properties, you will find that regardless of the server to provide you with what kind of virtualized desktop, its configuration will always be exactly the same as your cloud terminal properties. There will be no change, you should be vigilant! In addition, if the cloud terminal startup is not hidden screen, you will find that the terminal is started through the network card boot system, well, if you buy such products, congratulations, you won! The price of the cloud to buy an ancient stuff.

2) terminal virtualization, server change storage

This kind of solution is also more common in the market, but strictly speaking, it is not a complete fake cloud. It's just that you didn't put desktop virtualization on the server. Where is virtualization done? Haha, in fact, it is done on the terminal, it relies on the hardware of the terminal and the power of the virtualization instructions to enable the virtual system on the terminal, and the system is the network storage mounted way to complete the virtual image data. The features of this product are similar to diskless stations, but they are different. For example: it is necessary to have a local storage capacity, in addition, the server supports the number of terminals is very high, and some hundreds. If you are more careful, you can virtual a few systems, such as the three- digit and the five-bit, you will find that its memory virtual is capped. Cannot exceed the maximum memory count for this machine. The last feature is also very important, if the whole scheme to support the hot migration, you have to be careful, the real cloud computing thermal migration is a very complex technology, but for this scenario, the thermal migration is very nonsense, is to switch the terminal access to the network storage server.

3) Mirror drift Dafa

the so-called image drift, is based on the server set, timed to the server to do the mirror through the terminal software to download to the local storage, like ghost a hard disk. In fact, there is no virtualization technology, and directly carved disk, more fierce bar. The identification method is very simple, when the terminal desktop running, unplug the network cable, if the desktop is still running smoothly, congratulations, this guy is definitely not what the desktop cloud. In addition, this scenario has something in common with the first two, somewhere in between. For example, it is the virtual desktop cloud all the hardware features or the same as the terminal.

2 thin terminal with strong obfuscation

The so-called obfuscation, generally refers to it does not use the performance of the thin terminal, to achieve a relatively smooth effect, but is it a real cloud? Many users know, is an operating system, different people through the remote way, the use of different accounts to log on to the same operating system method. On the server side, it could be a virtualized operating system or a running real machine. If you buy a cloud server that only supports one cloud desktop, then you can really think about what this thing is. In addition, even if you support multiple cloud desktop You do not take lightly, if he has to support N multi-terminal login, far more than the server configuration you calculate the number of endpoints, then you probably what? Finally, if you are familiar with a multiuser login system, through a relatively professional viewing tool, you can find that you are not the only owner of the Cloud desktop system you are using. Advise everyone a sentence, this program most pit father, terminal run effect poor home.

Although the above simple method can be judged, but there are some manufacturers in the real cloud conditions, the use of high-performance terminals, which is indeed the existence. In the purchase of cloud desktop products, still need to find experts to consult, remember a word "do not look at advertising, to see the efficacy."

So what does the so-called true cloud judge? This will not be able to see the cloud terminal, the server is very important. In the current server comparison common model, if support multiple virtualized cloud desktop, and need to achieve very smooth performance, on a single server (also known as a road) on the virtual desktop is not many, generally no more than ten (30 are normal numbers, and they are all up to nine, depending on the capabilities of the server hardware. And in the case of server storage and memory enough, you can dynamically specify the memory and storage capacity of the desktop when the desktop is started or created, even the CPU frequency can be modified. In addition, in the elimination of Diskless station, drift, terminal virtualization and sharing of several situations, you directly unplug the network cable, if the desktop cloud dead or disappear, this also basically determine that the desktop is a virtual server. Combined with the server characteristics you can judge again, basically also sorta.

The above-mentioned content, is for non-professional people, of course, you have to know at least some, otherwise do not understand the above is useless.

Finally do an advertisement, previously concerned about a Beijing wonders technology virtualization manufacturers, visibility is not too high, but I tested their products, performance in the domestic industry can be comparable with the players! As a technical person, a tribute to the technology of the wonders of virtualization technology!

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Novice Talk about Cloud Desktop cloud products

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