OEA extended property system-main design class diagram

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Limited time, simple and quick completion of this blog ...... (I will not elaborate on many issues here, but mainly record the results .)


* First, the list of requirements to be completed by the entire subsystem:



* It is then the analysis of it and the structure of the entire logical solution.

The "summary" section in the figure illustrates the division of static structures and runtime periods.



* And the following describes how to implement the entire requirement:



* The static structure in the logic scheme mainly depends on the class diagram design below:

The first one is the structure design of the hosting property itself. At that time, only the implementation of the compilation phase attribute was taken into account, and then the implementation of the runtime attribute was added. The two implementation schemes are different. The former uses data, and the latter uses hash tables, mainly to balance performance and dynamics.


The APIs that use managed properties are directly written in the managedpropertyrepository class:


Managed properties are a bottom-layer reusable component. To adapt to the current OEA metadata system, you need to use an ipropertymetaprovider interface to provide data:


The last figure shows how the Extensible property system uses the WPF binding. The entire design is similar to the datatable binding analysis described in the previous blog:

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