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First of all, I declare that this article is a brick-and-mortar, which is specifically used for "RENEWAL ".

It's incredible. We spent the best time in our lives in our office (nine to five days earlier ).

I. Clothing

Office dress code is generally divided into three types:

Formal, business casual, and casual.

Formal Dress is suit, shirt and tie for men. Suit and skirt for ms. (Skirt than pants formal)

Generally, formal dress focuses on dark colors. If you have just invested in it, we suggest you buy dark colors for the first two or three sets of formal dress, which can be used in many occasions, even if the style is somewhat outdated, it will not be as eye-catching as a light color.

For Men's dress, I hope you should pay special attention to your shirt. It is best to wash your shirt through laundry, believe it or not. In strict dress, men's shirt generally only wear for one day. In the United States, it is about $2.

Pay special attention to your so when you dress for a lady. It is best to bring a spare pair when you go to work. Nothing is more embarrassing than the so.

Formal Dress is recommended for the following scenarios.

1. See the customer, especially the first appointment.

2. Business meeting

3. Special attention is given to formal dress.

Some people may say that the customer is very casual. The answer is that he is a customer, but you are not.

Business casual

Currently, North American companies are very popular with business casual's dress code. It is worth noting that such a dress code is more difficult to follow. Because the boundary is not as clear as formal and casual. Many fashion companies have launched many business casual series.

Men's: jacket (not just jackets, But casual suits), kahki pants, casual shoes (not too fancy), polo shirts or casual shirts (long-sleeved shirts, the color can have a larger selection range ).

Ladies: short skirt, sweater (it is best to have a cardigan sweater, easy to wear off), short sleeve. I usually seldom wear sleeveless clothing. I don't think it is appropriate, or I can wear another one. Leather shoes or leather sandals (preferably with no toe in front ). Or a lady's shirt with a skirt. Kahki pants too.


Generally, companies have the casual Friday tradition. Here, casual is nothing to wear. Generally jeans, T-SHIRT, sneakers.

Do not

1. The men's shirts are not clean or crumpled. We recommend that you do not wear it. If you want to wear it, you should wear it after laundry processing. It is best to wear it for no more than 2 days.

2. For men, especially smoking, we recommend that you handle your smell. Women's perfume usage must be well grasped. Chinese girls, I think the smell is very light, you don't need perfume.

3. It is best for a lady not to wear exposed clothes or childish clothes, such as a sling skirt.

Exercise caution when buying work clothes. The goal is to create a professional and capable image. The middleware server looks the same, but the small changes reflect the current trend. So don't buy too many at once. On average, I buy 3 sets each year, not more than 5 sets. Consider your existing clothes for matching. In other occasions, the lady uniform server, especially formal, has basically no chance to wear it, such as a party. Men's formal dress can wear many formal occasions, including parties.

In fact, the dress code of different companies is different. The best way is to look at how others wear it. You just need to formal a little bit better than others.

Other suggestions.

1. If you want to climb to the management level or higher, or you are very concerned about your career, you need to spend a little more time on the image. Because perceived achievement is more important than actual achievement.

2. If you are a well-dressed person, you don't have to worry about it.

3. We recommend that you buy clothes locally. This has nothing to do with tuyang, but with group norms.

4. There are plans to add clothes.

He wrote this article at Wang's high requirement, with the aim of inspiring others. I am not really the right person to talk about clothing, because I am not very interested in this aspect and have not studied it. My bottom line is, if it is at work, professional is required; if it is another occasion, do not wear wrong clothes; if it is normal, how comfortable to wear.


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