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Received a notice from the school leader to participate in the "Best Teacher Team" selection event with two other colleagues in three days. The three of us were far away from each other, making it inconvenient to sit together and make teaching plans. There is a form in the lesson plan that clearly classifies the work that everyone needs to do independently and the work they have done together. Therefore, the need to deal with the platform to support the operation of the table, but fortunately, Google's online office platform to help us a big favor.

Preparatory work

Once you have identified the requirements, you can begin to prepare. First of all, everyone needs to have a Google account, if not yet, open the registration page in the browser: https//, click the "Create an account Now" link to create a Google account.

Next, use the Google account to log in to Google Docs:, the first use may encounter interface for the English situation, in order to facilitate the next operation, click the "Settings" item, and then "Language" set to " Chinese (Simplified), then click "Save" to save the settings.

Multiple people collaborate to edit the same document

Have Google account will be able to start working together to deal with the lesson plans. Three people are logged into the Google file system, and then one of the people in Google file to create this document, and then set it to share, shared to another two people, so that three people can start to edit this document together.

The first step: click on "New-online documents" in Google files, enter the title of the document and then click the "Save" button.

Step Two: click "Share-Share with others" in the lower right corner of the page. In the "Invite others" to select "as a collaborator", and then enter each of the Google account to participate in collaboration, and finally click on the "Invite collaborators", in the Open small page box can also be entered to the invitees message information, click "Send" Can. After this operation, the document is shared with the specified user.

However, once the shared settings have been made, the invited participant will be able to refresh it in the Google File page and see the shared document in the document list. Everyone can open this document for editing. And in table processing, it is also very simple. Click "Table", select the "Insert Table" item, in the open panel to set the table number of rows, columns, width and other parameters can easily insert a table.

Once the table is inserted, you can enter the content directly into each cell, and you can also use the Table menu for more settings, editing, and more.

As you edit the entire document, the action method, like word, can be manipulated by the appropriate menu commands.

Tips: In the editing process, do not forget to press the "Ctrl+s" key combination to save the edited document, to prevent accidental factors such as power off, browser failure, etc., resulting in the successful editing flames.

Because many people collaborate to edit the document, it is possible that everyone has different edits at the same time, but after the refresh, everyone will see the latest documents, if you want to see the version of each person editing, how to operate? Just click on the menu "file-Revision history" item and you'll see the individual editions later.

Click the appropriate option to view these versions. In addition, you can view the modified portions of two versions by comparing selected items.

In fact, in the Google document this platform, but the document is set to share, everyone to edit the document as usual using Word to edit the document, you are different distressed others will delete their edited content, do not worry about their added content will affect the other collaborators, Each change has a historical version of its corresponding, and every moment the document is the latest, everyone edited content is reflected in this. This collaborative Office program, as long as everyone in the Internet can be, no need to install software, very convenient

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