OGG-01232 Receive TCP Params Error: TCP/IP Error 104 (Connection Reset By Peer)., ogg-01232params

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OGG-01232 Receive TCP Params Error: TCP/IP Error 104 (Connection Reset By Peer)., ogg-01232params

The following errors are often seen in OGG log files:
OGG-01232 Receive TCP Params Error: TCP/IP Error 104 (Connection Reset By Peer ).

After checking metalink, we probably talked about the relationship between extract and collector, which is divided into STREAMING and NOSTREAMING modes, each with its own advantages. We recommend that you use the STREAMING mode if this error is not frequent. The original text is posted below:

OGG-01232 Receive TCP Params Error: TCP/IP Error 104 (Connection Reset By Peer). (Document ID 1684527.1) Go to the bottom


In this Document




Oracle GoldenGate-Version to [Release 11.2 to 12.1]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


GG Extract/Pump runs fine for hours or days and then the below error occurs, which causes the Extract/Pump to abend. This error occurs intermittently.

ERROR OGG-01232 Receive TCP params error: TCP/IP error 104 (Connection reset by peer ).

Network teams have found no informative errors in logs on either source or target boxes.

GG extract/pump has to be manually restarted.


Extract/Pump uses STREAMING mode by default
Most of the TCP/IP errors are treated fatal and results in an immediate abend.

I. e.
OGG-01232 Receive TCP params error: TCP/IP error 104 (Connection reset by peer ).
In STREAMING mode communication between extract and the collector is
Asynchronous. Extract does not wait for an acknowledgement before sending
Subsequent messages. When an error occurs in STREAMING mode, extract does
Not know at which point it shoshould resend data, so an error is deemed fatal.


OPTION 1: Use the NOSTREAMING option if hitting TCP/IP errors too often

In NOSTREAMING mode communication between extract and the collector is
Synchronous; extract can only send out new data after it has es
Acknowledgement of the previous data from the collector. If an error occurs,
Extract can simply resend the last transmission.

NOSTREAMING-will make the data pump more resilient to transient network outages

Add AUTORESTART to the manager prm file
To have all pumps restart when it gets a TCP/IP error


I. e
Autorestart extract *, RETRIES 3, WAITMINUTES 5, RESETMINUTES 60
You will need to decide which values work best for you
The GG reference has more details about the syntax.

Oracle GoldenGate
Windows and UNIX Reference Guide
11g Release 2 Patch Set 1 (

Oracle GoldenGate
Reference for Oracle GoldenGate for Windows and UNIX
12c (12.1.2)

    Error 101 (net: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown errors occur every day. Why?

    1. Check whether NetBEUI appears in the configuration bar. Open the control panel and double-click "network" to open the "network" dialog box. On the "configuration" tab, check whether NetBEUI exists in the installed network components. If no, click the Add button under the list, select the "Network Protocol" dialog box, select Microsoft from the manufacturer list, and select NetBEUI from the network protocol list. Click OK to insert the installation disk as prompted to install NetBEUI.

    2. Return to the "network" dialog box, select "dial-up network adapter", and click "properties" in the lower-right corner of the list. In the displayed "properties" dialog box, select the "bind" tab, and deselect the check box in the front of items other than "TCP/IP> network adapter!

    3. Return to the "network" dialog box, select "TCP/IP> dial-up network adapter", and click "properties" in the lower-right corner of the list. Do not be afraid of the pop-up warning dialog box and click "OK ". In the "TCP/IP properties" dialog box, select the "bind" tab to deselect the check box in the front of all items in the list! Click "OK". In this case, Windows will warn you that "the bound drive has not been selected. Select the drive now ?" Click "no ". Then, the system prompts you to restart the computer and confirm.

    4. confirm that the binding has been canceled. Go to the "TCP/IP> dial-up network adapter" dialog box and select the "NetBIOS" tab, the "enable NetBIOS through TCP/IP" item is cleared! Click "cancel" twice to exit the "network" dialog box (do not click "OK" to avoid any exceptions ).

    Your URL cannot be obtained.

    Possible causes (for reference only) include:
    I. Network Settings
    This is because you need to manually specify the IP address, gateway, and DNS server connection mode, and use the proxy server to access the Internet. Carefully check the computer's network settings.
    Ii. DNS server problems
    When IE cannot browse the Web page, try the IP address first. If yes, it should be a DNS problem, the DNS problem may be caused by an error in obtaining the DNS when the network is connected or a problem with the DNS server itself. In this case, you can manually specify the DNS Service (the address can be the DNS server address provided by your local ISP, you can also use the DNS server address in other places .) In the network properties, (Control Panel-network and dial-up connections-local connection-right-click Properties-TCP/IP protocol-properties-use the following DNS server address ). Different ISPs have different DNS addresses. Sometimes it is a problem with the vro or Nic and cannot be connected to the DNS Service of the ISP. In this case, you can turn the vro off for a while or reset the vro.
    Another possibility is that the local DNS cache is faulty. To speed up Website access, the system automatically saves a website that has been accessed and obtained an IP address to the local DNS Cache. Once the website is accessed again, then, the IP address of the website is not directly retrieved from the local DNS Cache through the DNS server for access. Therefore, if a problem occurs in the local DNS cache, the website cannot be accessed. You can execute ipconfig/flushdns in "run" to recreate the local DNS cache.
    Iii. Problems with IE browser
    When the IE Browser fails, browsing is naturally affected, or the IE is maliciously modified or damaged, leading to the inability to browse the Web page. At this time, you can try to use "Huangshan ierepair expert" to fix the problem (it is recommended to fix it in safe mode), or re-run IE (for example, if you encounter a problem that cannot be re-installed, refer: appendix 1 solves the problem of re-installing IE)
    Iv. Network Firewall Problems
    If the network firewall is improperly set, for example, the security level is too high, IE is accidentally put into the blocked access list, or the firewall policy is incorrect, you can try to check the policy, reduce the firewall security level, or directly turn it off and try to restore the normal state.
    V. network protocol and NIC Driver Problems
    IE cannot be browsed. It may be caused by network protocol (especially TCP/IP Protocol) or network card driver damage. You can try to re-drive the network card and network protocol.
    Vi. HOSTS file Problems
    The modification of the HOSTS file also causes abnormal browsing. The solution is to clear the content in the HOSTS file.
    VII. System File Problems
    When the system files related to IE are replaced or damaged, the normal use of IE will be affected. You can use the SFC command to fix this problem. The WIN98 system can execute SFC in "running, then run the scan. For WIN2000/XP/2003, run sfc/scannow in "run" to try to fix the problem.
    When only IE cannot browse the Web page while QQ can access it, it is often caused by winsock. dll, wsock32.dll, or wsock. vxd (VXD only exists in the WIN9X system) and other files are damaged or lost. Winsock is an important part of the TCP/IP protocol. Generally, the TCP/IP protocol must be reinstalled. However, xp began to integrate the TCP/IP protocol, so it cannot be simply uninstalled and reinstalled like 98. You can use the netsh command to reset the TCP/IP protocol, restore it to the status when the operating system is installed for the first time. The procedure is as follows:
    Click "start running", enter the "CMD" command in the running dialog box, and then enter "netsh int ip reset c: \ resetlog.txtlogs: The resetlog.txt file is used to record the command execution result. This parameter must be specified. The complete path of the specified log file is "c: \ resetlog.txt ". The result of executing this command is the same as that of deleting and re-installing the TCP/IP protocol ....... Remaining full text>

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