Old agricultural and stone stories

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There was an old farmer's farmland with a huge rock buried for many years. This rock broke the plow heads of the old farmer and broke his tiller. The old farmer was helpless, and jushi became the heart disease that lingered during his time.

One day, after a plow was broken, he remembered the endless troubles that the boulder had brought to him. The old farmer finally made up his mind to settle the boulder. So he found a crowbar and put it under the rock. He was surprised to find that the stone was not as deep and thick as he imagined. He could just dig it up with a little effort and use a sledgehammer to break it out of the ground, the old farmer's mind flashed through the scenes that had been plagued by jushi for many years, and then thought that he could take care of the headache earlier, so he could not help but smile.

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