On the drawbacks of application software in surveying and mapping engineering

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I am a surveying and mapping engineering students, our professional has gone to the big data and computer age, has been far from the past era, we are now using a variety of software, the most typical of the southern Cass,maplnfow,maplnfo professional7.0 and so on, and the next is what I think of their problems and shortcomings.

The first is the South Cass download problem, the South Cass can't keep up with the rhythm, win10 system is difficult and it is compatible, download the words to be in the state of the administrator to download, and then each open to the administrator can open, and then is Cass inside a variety of topographic map shows a little less, not enough, Some of the terrain does not know what topographic map to show, for the primary operator, do not remember the shortcut keys, too much, so the 1.1 point of the Click Too slow, and then make out the diagram can not directly click on the icon, but to open Cass.

Next is maplnfo this software, use up and not as other what software use up smooth, always with redundant dialog box remind, each open have to close several times dialog box, this is very annoying, and oneself made out of figure, Put all the pictures and the original file into someone else's computer open the words are often blank, hand work is inconvenient, often appear blank situation, is troublesome, and then is too much English is easy to see.

There is a small software called Ke silly, especially the poor, this small software is to write the data in can automatically calculate the adjustment, but only to calculate the difference, and not directly to the measurement data written in it can be counted, but to the various data collation clearly also have to calculate some data to be added to the operation of the steps, And if the previous collation work is wrong, it will result in data errors resulting in errors.

That's about what I've been doing with the software, and if there are some new discoveries I'll be adding adjustments in time.

On the drawbacks of application software in surveying and mapping engineering

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