On the market pattern of business-to-business E-commerce in China

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In 2006, China's e-commerce total turnover of about 500 billion yuan, of which business-to-business E-commerce accounted for about 95%, while in all business-to-business turnover of about 97% of the money transaction is done online. By contrast, Chinese business-to-business transactions accounted for nearly 97% per cent of all e-commerce transactions in 2005. Because of standards, there is a small gap in the number of data published by different organizations, but the same is true of the fact that China's business-to-business E-commerce market occupies an absolutely large share. Of course, on the contrary, we can also see that China's c2c E-commerce has a very large space for development.

Perhaps we all have a big question, why the transaction volume and other forms of e-commerce in the gap is so wide, where are these transactions from?

Business-to-business E-commerce refers to the supply and demand both sides are businesses (or enterprises, companies), using the Internet technology or a variety of business network platform to complete the process of business transactions. These processes include: release of supply and demand information, ordering and confirmation of orders, payment process and bill issuance, transmission and receipt, determination of distribution plans and monitoring of distribution processes.

From the above definition of business-to-business E-commerce can be seen, even if the transaction of funds, contract signing and other processes not directly through the Internet to achieve, through the network to publish supply and demand information generated by the transaction between enterprises, that is also a business-to-business e-commerce category, can be seen business-to-business e-commerce involved in a very broad range, so, It is not surprising that the proportion of business-to-business transactions in China is an absolute huge share.

So what is the current situation of e-commerce development in China, and what will be the future of a pattern?

Focus on E-commerce software research and development and consulting services Bo business software probiz.cn preliminary assessment.

What is the current market pattern of business-to-business e-commerce in China?

In the understanding of many people, Alibaba represents Chinese business-to-business. and including Hui Cong, China Chemical Network, China Clothing network They have continued the Alibaba model. Therefore, many people will also think that the Chinese business-to-business model is the Alibaba model. Is that really the case?

On the current market pattern of business-to-business e-business in China

To Alibaba, Hui Cong, global resources as the representative of several major integrated business-to-business platform portal, coupled with the strong thunder of China's chemical network as a representative of a number of industry subdivision of the Business-to-business platform together to build the current Chinese business-to-business e-commerce market pattern.

The core business model of Business-to-business e-business in China at present

All of the above business-to-business E-commerce platforms have one thing in common: they are all business intermediary platforms. That is to say, at present the development stage of Chinese business-to-business, its market pattern is undertakes the commercial transaction intermediary platform role's E-commerce company to occupy the most business-to-business e-commerce market.

At present, China's business-to-business business transaction intermediary platform to achieve the main service is the release of supply and demand information. This is the initial stage of Business-to-business e-business. But also only from the supply and demand information released this project for our thousands small and medium-sized enterprises brought great business opportunities and benefits.

From this point of view, Business-to-business E-commerce, both now and in the future, must be a powerful propulsion for economic development.

On business-to-business "Touch Top", the market approach to saturation.

In recent years, China's business-to-business E-commerce has developed rapidly, especially in the foreign trade industry. And then comes the industry business-to-business platform "touch Top" and so on the speech in many media spreads. Does business-to-business really "touch the ceiling"?

The answer is no.

First, according to Eric's forecasts, the current business-to-business transactions are increasing by more than 50% a day. 2006 years in the state-owned small and medium-sized Enterprises 3000多万家, which joined the third party E-commerce intermediary platform of not more than 28%. From these two sets of data, we can see that the so-called "top" speech is not correct.

But from the opposite point of view, business-to-business E-commerce platform If there is a battle of the situation, then the final outcome, each area can survive up to two to three of the platform. Because, as an industry or business transaction platform, the size and coverage of the platform is very important. There is a limit to the number of integrated intermediary platforms needed in each domain, and this result can be validated from business-to-business e-business development in the United States.

Second, China's business-to-business E-commerce is only in its infancy.

At present our country business-to-business electronic commerce form basically all concentrates on the commercial transaction intermediary platform, especially the supply and demand information release. Whether it is Alibaba or China Chemical Network, the platform basically only provides information delivery services, platform is not, in the short term can not be cut into the specific transactions between enterprises. So is the mere provision of information delivered to meet the needs of e-commerce transactions between enterprises?

In the past few years, we all believe that honesty, payment, logistics, these three problems restrict the development of E-commerce. Now payment and logistics has been a great development, the credibility of the problem has been a certain degree of solution, which for business-to-business E-commerce in-depth development provides a good objective environment.

From the beginning of the content can be seen, business-to-business E-commerce contains not only the delivery of supply and demand information, through E-commerce platform, the realization of online orders, online contracts, online LCL and other functions, on the basis of increasing business opportunities, more real for small and medium-sized enterprises to save transaction costs, This will be a trend and direction for business-to-business e-business to develop in depth.

As a simple example: In the past, enterprises export goods are delivered directly to the logistics company for transportation. When Business-to-business E-commerce platform has sufficient smooth and perfect information services, then the platform on the business can directly through the platform to achieve the function of LCL, thus greatly saving the merchant's freight.

This example shows that the on the mining of business-to-business functions and services, our country is really in the initial stage, how to go more stable and faster, in addition to the development of the entire e-commerce environment, but also need Alibaba, Bo business software such companies to assume more obligations to open up a wider future of the electric business.

Thirdly, can the form of business-to-business e-business in China be limited to the mode of commercial transaction intermediary platform?

The answer is naturally negative.

Where is the advantage of e-commerce? Why do enterprises choose E-commerce?

These two questions can be answered in a word: e-commerce can increase sales and reduce costs for businesses. Then make a simple analogy: the release of supply and demand information, to bring business opportunities for enterprises to increase sales, shorten the business transactions between the time, save communication costs, save transportation and money costs can be called for enterprises to reduce transaction costs. When the investment of electronic commerce can bring more profits, the enterprise will pay more attention to the electronic commerce.

Increasing sales and reducing costs is the embodiment of the advantages of E-commerce. In addition to the business transaction intermediary platform model there are more e-commerce models for enterprises to bring the above benefits.

To professional wholesale market as an example: you know, professional wholesale market and ordinary retail has a big difference, the general professional wholesale market in a single transaction involving a large amount of product quantity, custom, inspection, delivery, procurement contracts involved in the transaction process is also very complex. So what are the benefits to the professional wholesale market from business-to-business platforms? In response to this problem, Bo business software general manager Zhang Zhongming mentioned that the professional market business-to-business E-commerce solutions for businesses to bring sales promotion, cost reduction, overall reunification and enhance the multiple benefits of the brand. Professional wholesale Market business-to-business E-commerce platform can be through the platform to the professional market of many shops and sources of organization, in larger and broader scope to form greater influence, the more complete varieties, the larger the scale, professional wholesale market in the regional economic competition more competitive market; Unified platform to form a unified brand, Unified publicity to reduce the cost of decentralized promotion, the scale effect can also be applied to the brand promotion, the construction of business-to-business platform so that the professional market to promote the unification of the possible; unified platform has long been the unified scale of logistics and distribution, no platform before the professional wholesale market all shops need to contact the logistics distribution services With Third-party logistics companies with low bargaining power, high cost, business-to-business Professional wholesale market E-commerce platform can effectively integrate all the business logistics and distribution needs, scientific deployment, greatly reduce the logistics costs of the shops.

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