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Questions raised to customers

What can we do with Moss?

How does your company manage documents now?

Moss provides a complete web-based document management platform and out-of-the-box document management functions, and seamless integration with office client programs. In this regard, Moss can be seen as an office server.

Whether your company has a centralized document management mechanism/System? For example, file server, ftpOr a dedicated system?

Moss provides centralized (on a platform) and flexible document management functions (you can create document libraries to manage documents by department, business, and other methods. Compared with traditional file servers or FTP, moss provides comprehensive functions. Compared with professional systems, moss provides user-friendly and practical functions, and is easy to expand and develop, and is closely integrated with office.

Does your document management system support full-text search? (Search for officeDocument, PDFDocument, DWGDocument, htmlDocumentation ...)

Moss provides a professional search engine for over 200 formats of files (office documents, including the latest Office 2007 documents, PDF documents (third-party plug-ins required, free of charge ), CAD documents (DWG format, third-party plug-ins required), HTML documents, WinZip documents, WinRAR documents, etc.) for full-text retrieval. In addition, the search result can be filtered based on the user's permissions to ensure that the user can only search for the content that he has the permission to search. In addition to the MOSS documentation library, the moss search engine can also retrieve file servers, Web websites, relational databases, and other content sources that may store documents, webpages, and information.

Does the document management system require version management? For example, when multiple people modify the document together, it is difficult to find out which is the latest version.

Moss provides a comprehensive version management function. When a user uploads/saves a document, the server automatically saves it as a new version and provides a major version (1.0, 2. 0 ...) and minor version (1.1, 1. 2 ...). You can view previous versions, delete a version, or restore to previous versions.

How do you manage your document permissions? Are there any concerns about document leaks?

Unlike previous file servers/FTP, moss provides role-based and easy-to-use (Web interface-based) Document permission control. Users can freely and flexibly define the roles of business users, and authorize a document in the document library, a folder, the entire document library, or the website where the document library is located based on the role.

Have you ever wondered whether a document is removed from the document management system, for example/After downloading the file server, How do I control the security of these documents?

In the past, document management solutions failed to manage documents that left the server. Therefore, confidential documents may be leaked intentionally or unintentionally after being downloaded by authorized users. Today, moss integrates Microsoft's rights management services technology to solve this problem. RMS can encrypt a single document (by default, it supports word, PPT, Excel, and outlook documents of Office 2003 or above, and other document formats need to be developed) according to user authorization, to control the user's read/modify/copy/print/expiration permissions. No matter where the user is and when the document is opened, the Office will verify his/her identity and permissions.

Do you need to develop your own document templates? How can I flexibly define document attributes for better document archiving management and searching?

Moss allows you to manage document attributes based on your business needs. Different types of documents (such as product whitepaper, sales guide ...) Different attributes can be defined.

Do you need document approval/Publish/Expired workflow functions?

Moss provides a complete workflow function for transferring documents. At the same time, moss also provides the workflow design function.

Do you need to audit and track document operations?

Moss provides comprehensive document auditing and reporting functions. The system can record the operations performed on the document by the user and generate an Excel report.

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