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Microsoft not only launched my phone on Mobile World Congress 2009 this year, but more importantly, he announced windows marketplace for mobile (Windows phones mobile app marketplace and App Store platform ).

Today, found that the windows marketplace for mobile site has been launched. Now you can access windows marketplace for mobile through this URL However, this website only has the words coming soon, icons, and some brief introductions. I mentioned earlier that Windows marketplace for mobile will be available in the fourth quarter of this year. Therefore, it is unlikely that Windows marketplace for mobile will be officially available in the near future.

Do you remember the interesting comparison between the five smart phone device-related companies mentioned last time? This time I can add marketplace placement after OS + sync/push:

  • Microsoft-Windows Mobile + my phone/skyline + windows marketplace for mobile
  • Apple-iPhone OS + mobileme + iTunes App Store
  • Google Google-Google Android + Google Sync + Android Market
  • Rim-Blackberry OS + BlackBerry Internet Service/BlackBerry Enterprise Service + BlackBerry App World
  • Nokia-Symbian + OVI store

These companies have already announced or launched their own app market (App Store), and Apple has undoubtedly proved its great success. In my opinion, Apple has two smartest points in this model:

  • Apple controls hardware and systems, so it does not needHardware, software, and mobile vendors. Other manufacturers need to consider these factors more or less, especially for Windows Mobile phones (performance, operation, custom interface, and body appearance ).Unfriendly to application development and release.
  • Apple's unified iTunes store platform, in my eyes, is a company that can integrate its existing resources. Perhaps music and applications are integrated in Steve Jobs's eyes.

Since we mentioned the unified online store platform, I think it is necessary to mention that Microsoft hasSelf-owned virtual currency system: Microsoft points, which can be used to buy Zune music, Windows Live gallery Web gadgets, messenger expressions, and Xbox Live services. I don't know if Microsoft will eventually integrate Microsoft points into windows marketplace for mobile. This is always Microsoft's own decision. I don't think it's a pity.

The purpose of this article is not to recommend that you visit the Windows marketplace for mobile site. To put it bluntly, this is a temporary test page. I am more concerned about why Microsoft has not been a maker of industry game rules for quite a long time, even ifThree important screen ideas-PC, phone, and TVMay also be guided by Apple's Mac, iPhone, and Apple TV.

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