Open source Jabber (XMPP) solutions for building internal instant messaging services

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Jabber is a well-known Instant Messaging server, it is a free open source software, allowing users to rack their own Instant Messaging server, can be used on the Internet, but also can be applied in the LAN.
XMPP (Extensible Messaging Field Protocol) is an Extensible Markup Language (XML)-based protocol that is used for instant messaging (IM) and online field probing. It facilitates quasi-immediate operation between servers. This agreement may eventually allow Internet users to send instant messages to anyone else on the internet, even if their operating systems and browsers are different. The technology of XMPP comes from Jabber, in fact it is the core protocol of Jabber, so XMPP is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Jabber. Jabber is an IM application based on the XMPP protocol, and XMPP supports many applications in addition to Jabber.

Here are all the items linked to the current version. If you are looking for source code or SVN access, please readSource Codevisit the page. If you want to test the latest code (which may be unstable), checkCurrent beta version. The nightly build also keepsOpenFire, hit, Sparksand theXiffProject.

plugin   |  Readme   |  license   |  update log   |  nightly build   |  source code OpenFire 4.0.2

OpenFire (formerly Wildfire) is a cross-platform, real-time collaboration server based on the XMPP (Jabber) protocol. Read the name change .

Choose your platform: Readme files and licenses | Update Log |  build every night 2.7.7 sparks

Cross-platform real-time collaboration for customer business and organizational optimisation.

Choose your platform: Source CodeSparkweb 0.9.0

Cross-platform network collaboration for customer business and organizational optimisation.

Choose your platform: Readme files and licenses | Update Log |  build every night |  Source Code 4.1.7 Taste

Easy-to-use Java XMPP client library.

Choose your platform: Readme | Update Log |  Source Code Edelweiss 1.2.2

A Java-based XMPP library that provides an implementation of XMPP sections and components.

Choose your platform: Source Code

Here's how to set up an internal instant messaging service:

First step: Install the Jabber server Software
Jabber Service Software has many, specifically can refer to the Jabber official website list:
Jabber website Address:
Common Jabber Server Software:

The most convenient installation is undoubtedly openfire (wildfire), a GPL-based open source software, OpenFire Linux, Windows and different versions of the Mac, the software needs to support the Java environment, but the software itself comes with the environment package, You can download different versions according to your needs.
: Http://
Latest Version: OpenFire 3.3.2

1, Windows version installation method:
Download: Openfire_3_3_2.exe with Java Environment version
Install: Run the installation file directly, the program is installed by default to c:/ Program Files/openfire
Run: /bin/openfire.exe
2, Linux /unix Version Installation Method
if using RPM package installation, download: openfire-3.3.2-1.i386.rpm
#rpm-IVH openfire_3_0_0.rpm
The default installation path is: /opt/openfire
is installed using a source package, Download:  openfire_3_0_0.tar.gz (Install yourself without a Java environment)
#tar-XZVF openfire_3_0_0.tar.gz
# mv Openfire/opt
Startup method:

Step Two: Configure the Jabber server
OpenFire (Wildfire) supports a full web installation, if you press install locally only need to enter the http://localhost:9090 in the browser (the remote server is http://Your server address is 9090) to start the Instant Messaging server configuration.
(1) Language selection: Chinese Simplified

(2) Service period setting: Select Domain and port, suggest default

(3) Database settings: Select "Standard database" as needed

(4) Standard database settings: Select MySQL, database URL fill in your database address, port and database name (please create it yourself), User name password to fill in your MySQL account password, other more need to choose to fill in. After you continue, you will create a table and initialize it in your MySQL.

(5) Feature setting: If you do not intend to use LDAP, leave the default

(6) Administrator account settings: Fill in system Administrator information

(7) Installation complete

At this point, OpenFire installation is complete. You can continue to log in to the admin console for more detailed settings.

Step Three: Jabber Client Installation configuration
Support Jabber has a lot of good client software, the official recommendations are:


Recommended Client


Exodus pandion Span style= "font-size:medium;" >,  ,  spark


gajim ,  gossip ,&NBSP, kopete ,  Span style= "font-size:medium;" >pidgin psi ,&NBSP, spark ,  Span style= "font-size:medium;" >tkabber


Adium ,  IChat ,  Psi ,  Spark

For more listings, please refer to:
Here we recommend using Spark, because spark and openfire can support each other well, and can be said to be a gold combination. Software: Http://
Currently the latest version is: 2.5.4 (June 22 release)

(1) Download for Windows version, installation is relatively simple.

(2) Select advanced option: Server fills in your server address, port is 5222

(3) Register a new account: Server reference to fill in the previous article

(4) After the registration is successful, start logging in.

(5) Post-login interface

Now you can communicate with users in your LAN who have Jabber accounts.
Note: Spark official does not have the Chinese version, about Spark's Han, please refer to Squirrel's blog, address: Http://
JABBER/XMPP Instant Messaging server OpenFire-based client Spark's Chinese-language package

Fourth step: Jabber connection with MSN, ICQ and other IM communication
Jabber the most advantageous is its communication protocol, can and a variety of instant communication docking. For example, there are third-party plug-ins, allowing Jabber users and MSN, Yahoo Messager, ICQ and other IM users to communicate with each other. Because Google complies with the Jabber protocol, and Google has opened Gtalk's servers to other Jabber servers. So PSI, Giam and other Jabber client software support Gtalk user login.

This function can also be achieved with the combination of Openfire+spark,

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Open source Jabber (XMPP) solutions for building internal instant messaging services

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