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ICANN is pushing ahead with the new generic top-level domain name (gTLD) extension program, opening applications in the first quarter of 2010. ICANN will revise the application rules for the Internet's common top-level domain name by changing the rules of the newly-restricted new generic top-level domain name to apply to companies, registries and organizations that qualify for new applications, and to become the new generic top-level domain registration authority.

The plan, once successfully implemented, will lead to a number of new generic top-level domain names, to market segmentation in the direction of some of the new generic top-level domain is market demand and commercial value.

One, for personal blog domain name. Blog

The size of today's blogging community is huge. According to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) survey, as of the end of June 2009, the size of China's internet users reached 338 million, China has personal blog/personal space of netizens have reached 182 million people.

However, the blog domain name sales are difficult, in addition to some good names, it is difficult to convince the vast number of blogs why to register to buy a separate domain name, because most of the blog is in the use of portal services provided.

Jiange's view: With the portal cooperation, the general domestic portal will not take the initiative to do this sales domain name things. Therefore, it can be a domain name registrar to lead the project, so that the portal (Sina, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase, etc.) to participate in cooperation, become a distributor of blog domain name, so that the portal allows users to blog, mailbox binding independent domain name. In this way, to solve the path, you can sell personal domain name.

Theoretical value: 338 million people, according to the monthly service charge of 10 yuan per person, the theoretical value of more than 30 billion yuan per year scale, the annual registration fee of 50 yuan, the theoretical value of more than 10 billion yuan per year scale.

Second, the domain name of the professional person

For doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, these professionals, the introduction of dedicated top-level domain, there is a certain market demand. There are professional managers dedicated domain names, such as. CEO, CFO,. CMO, COO, etc., also has the market demand.

Third, the industry domain name

Like before. com is applicable to commercial companies,. NET domain name is applicable to the network industry,. org domain name is applicable to non-profit organizations,. edu is oriented to educational research institutions, it can be seen that the original domain name design is to market segmentation to design.

From this we can infer that the industry domain name will be the mainstream of the new generic top-level domain name.

Iv. other, mobile phone operator domain name

Mobile, Unicom, telecommunications, mobile domain name.

If it is short term, it is difficult to see the mobile domain name has any great value. But in the long run, the mobile domain name will have the development value. When the mobile phone becomes the personal identity label and payment platform, the mobile domain name has commercial value.

For example, Unicom's Wo brand, let enterprises use. WO Mobile domain name in the wireless network to expand the market, so. WO mobile domain name will have a commercial value.

Author Introduction: Jiange, creative person, good at business strategy design. Blog URL.

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