Optimization of URL and website map in-site optimization

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URL optimization

The URL, also known as the website URL, is, of course, the shorter the URL, the better. The most basic purpose is to make it easier for users to remember, you do not need to search for a website on the search index. A short website allows you to access your website without using the search index. Therefore, the author summarizes several notes for URL optimization:

1. Try to be short. Why is the shorter the value of a domain name Higher? The most fundamental point is that new users can remember the website from the first visit, which is conducive to the secondary return visit of users. In terms of user experience, the URL should be as short as possible.

2. Popularization. Just like the content, using too many technical terms is not popular with ordinary users, and the URL of the website is the same, simple and easy-to-understand letters make the website a little strange in the user's mind. For example, ABC and ZWS have such features. Of course, the former is easier to remember than the latter, and it is easier to read.

3. Contains website keywords. This exists specially for optimization, because the URL contains keywords that can save a lot of effort for the webmaster to optimize, and also give the website a congenital advantage. Ranking Optimization is helpful.

4. Try not to use sensitive words. For some websites that are not indexed or are not well indexed, the reason is that the URL contains many dynamic variables. If some jump characters that are not recognized by the search engine appear in the URL, it is very unfavorable for optimization.

Website map optimization

Websites with map pages have certain benefits for users to browse the whole site or crawlers. In addition, for website optimization, maps allow crawlers to crawl pages that cannot be indexed as much as possible to continue indexing. Generally, website maps summarize all the content of a website in the form of links on a page, which has certain benefits for crawling websites, it can facilitate crawling and increase the crawling speed of the Spider. When the speed of the website crawlers is fast, it can naturally reach the state of seconds.

No images or FLASH content should appear in a website map, because they are not a favorite dish for normal crawlers. It is not in line with the appetite of the spider at all. Therefore, although the webmaster often beautifies the user's visual experience for the map, the author does not recommend this for the purpose of website recording, after all, it's easy. Being too fancy will not only affect spider crawling, but also increase the volume of webpages and speed up website opening. Therefore, for website maps, you only need to integrate the overall content of the website into one for the spider to crawl smoothly.

Standard and short website URLs are good for users' memory, just as the domain names should be as short and fluent as possible. Whether it is a column page or a content page, you should set URLs in a short and easy-to-remember direction.

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