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1 Writing summary Articles

As an editor, I often organize articles, such as for our Diamond class, when the same category of articles have a few cases I will make a small summary, like the diamond ring wear maintenance, all with the knowledge of the articles are left a link, so it is good, hehe, this is also my from the portal to school.

2, related articles of mutual links

This is a good habit of writing articles should be formed, one is to add some of the original article in the text of the link, so that readers can visit your original article. You can add a link when you mention something, or you can do it intentionally.

is to build a list of content-related articles, you can manually create related articles at the bottom of your article, or use a plugin to help you fix it, such as the more commonly used simple-tags.

If a page is to be included in the website, first of all to be able to be search engine spiders crawl to the spider's crawling trajectory is a link to another link, want to make search engine spiders better crawling, generally need to guide through the reverse link, but the crawl inside the page needs good internal links, If you do not pay attention to the formation of chain broken chain, spiders can not climb up, also not well included.

3., in the sidebar recommended articles

For the sidebar article recommended we have been using, for example, on the right side of our diamond net, there is a dynamic in the article are edited through the background, but I found that if the information for our enterprises more than that, this part will be regularly updated, but there is a period of time we have some information about the diamond ring less, I think this part is just like "dead", nothing new, so sometimes I think, is not to use this recommendation, but with random, so that every time people see will be fresh content, rather than the same thing, so that customers feel that your site is "dead"!

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