ORA-16014: Serial Number 83 of log 1 Unarchived, no available Purpose

Source: Internet
Author: User

D:/Oracle/bin> sqlplus "sys/leuphis @ leuphis as sysdba"

SQL> alter database open;
Alter database open
Row 3 has an error:
ORA-16014: Serial Number 83 of log 1 Unarchived, no available destination
ORA-00312: Online log 1 thread 1:
ORA-00312: Online log 1 thread 1:

Check the usage of Flash recovery area:

SQL> select * from V $ flash_recovery_area_usage;

File_type percent_space_used percent_space_reclaimable number_of_files reference: www.svn8.com
Controlfile. 22 0 1
Onlinelog 4.88 0 3
Archivelog 65.01 0 73
Backuppiece 0 0 0
Imagecopy 0 0 0
Flashbacklog 0 0 0

You have selected 6 rows.

Computing space occupied by flash recovery area:

SQL> select sum (percent_space_used) * 3/100 from V $ flash_recovery_area_usage;

Sum (percent_space_used) * 3/100

SQL> show parameter db_recovery

Name type value
Db_recovery_file_dest string D:/flash_recovery_area
Db_recovery_file_dest_size big integer 2G

2.1033g is already in use. This indicates that db_recovery_file_dest_size = 2 GB is insufficient at the beginning, and the online redo log cannot be archived. Here, we set the db_recovery_file_dest_size parameter, increase the flash recovery area to solve this problem.

Reference: www.svn8.com

SQL> alter system set db_recovery_file_dest_size = 3G scope = both;

The system has been changed.

SQL> alter database open;

The database has been changed.

ORA-16014 log string sequence # string not archived, no available destinations

Cause: an attempt was made to archive the named log, but the Archive was unsuccessful. The Archive failed because there were no archive log destinations specified or all destinations experienced debilitating errors.

Action: Verify that archive log destinations are being specified and/or take the necessary step to correct any errors that may have occurred.
From: http://www.svn8.com/ SQL /Oracle/2009110512305.html

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