Oracle Import and Export File supplement, oracle Import and Export supplement

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Oracle Import and Export File supplement, oracle Import and Export supplement

In the past two days, oracle has imported and exported table data.

1. oracle provides three ways to Import and export files. (1) Oracle export/import (2) slq export/Import (3) PL/SQL export and import

The second method is suitable for the import and export of one or more tables, with a small amount of data imported and exported.

If the data volume is large or the number of tables is large, the first method is recommended. The third method must have PL/SQL.

2. Notes

(1) When exporting a table, the second method cannot export a table with blob or clob fields. The first method must be used.

(2) When importing a table, neither of the first or second methods can import or export a table with blob or clob fields. You must create a database link to import the table. The procedure is, first, create a database link and then use the following statement to import the table. create table table_name as select * from table_name @ lin

(3) The ora-01659 cannot allocate minextents greater than 93 when the import process encounters the following error.

The reason is that the tablespace exceeds its maximum value (32 GB ),

Solution: add another tablespace file. The statement is:

Alter tablespace name add datafile 'data file path 'size 500 m autoextendon next 1 m maxsize unlimited;

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