Oracle Installation OEM error: cannot unlock all EM-related accounts Solution

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The Oracle version in this document is No OEM was installed before. An error is reported when dbca is used for installation today. The error page is as follows:

I have previously reviewed an OEM reconstruction method:

Oracle OEM Reconstruction

Perform the following steps:

1. Modify the DBSNMP password:
To reconfigure the DBCONSOLE, you need to enter the DBSNMP password, but any password will display an error and must be modified in advance.
SQL> alter user dbsnmp identified by xxx;

2. delete users created on the early DBCONSOLE:
SQL> drop role MGMT_USER;
SQL> drop user MGMT_VIEW cascade;
SQL> drop user sysman cascade;

3. Delete the objects created on the early DBCONSOLE:
SQL> drop public synonym SETEMVIEWUSERCONTEXT;

Then run the command reconstruction or dbca command to create the database.

When the command is executed, the reported object does not exist and is ignored directly.

If you use a command, perform the following operations:

$ Emca-config dbcontrol db-repos create
As prompted, enter SID first, and then enter Y to continue;
Enter port 1521, SYS password, DBSNMP password, SYSMAN password, and Y.

I am too lazy to press the command to install the OEM directly by dbca.

After Google, some netizens used the fourth method in my previous article to solve the problem.

Option 4. DeleteDB Control Repository Objects Manually

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