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I. RDA description

RDA (RemoteDiagnostic Agent) is a tool used by Oracle to collect and analyze databases. Running this tool does not change any system parameters. The data collected by RDA is comprehensive, it simplifies our daily monitoring and analysis of databases.

Generally, the RDA tool is used for inspection by Oracle engineers. However, this tool is rarely used for domestic DBA inspection. Generally, it is okay to run the analysis after AWR or several scripts by yourself.

When a SR (Service Request) was created on MOS (when I first came into contact with Oracle in, it was MOS or Tar, and later changed to SR ). Oracle also requires customers to upload RDA information. RDA allows you to quickly understand the system status.

RDA is written in Perl scripts. You can use MOS to download RDA. RDA is a client that can be directly used after being decompressed.

Two descriptions on MOS are as follows:

Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) 4-Getting Started [ID314422.1]

Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) 4-FAQ [ID 330363.1]

RDA 4 Release Notes [ID 414970.1]

RemoteDiagnostic Agent (RDA) is a command-line diagnostic tool that is executed by anengine written in the Perl programming language. RDA provides a uniied packageof support diagnostics tools and preventive solutions. the data capturedprovides Oracle Support with a comprehensive picture of the customer 'senvironment which aids in problem diagnosis.

Oracle Supportencourages the use of RDA because it greatly CES service request resolutiontime by minimizing the number of requests from Oracle Support for moreinformation. RDA is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible; it does notmodify systems in any way. it collects useful data for Oracle Support only anda securityfilter is provided if required.

2. Platform and product description supported by RDA 2.1 Platforms Supported

At this time, RDA has been successfully tested to run on the following Supported platforms:

1) Apple Mac OS X/Darwin

2) HP OpenVMS Alpha 7.3-2 andabve

3) HP OpenVMS Itanium

4) HP Tru64 UNIX

HP-UX Itanium

6) HP-UX PA-RISC (32 and 64 bit)

7) ibm aix on POWER Systems (32 and64 bit)

8) IBM Dynix/Ptx

9) IBM Linux on POWER

10) IBM zSeries Based Linux

11) Linux Itanium

12) Linux x86 (32 and 64 bit)

13) Microsoft Windows 2000 Workstation and Server

14) Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

15) Microsoft Windows 2008

16) Microsoft Windows Vista

17) Microsoft Windows XP Professional

18) Sun Solaris Intel

19) Sun Solaris (32 and 64bit)

2.2 FollowingPlatforms are NOT Supported:

Ibm z/OS (OS/390)

You can run RDAalso on other platforms that support Perl 5.005 and later. however, OracleSupport recommends testing on a non-production server first because theperformance is unpredictable. for example, you will receive errors when RDAattempts to run utilities and commands that are not supported on theseplatforms.

2.3 Products Supported

RDA collectsinformation that is useful for diagnosing issues related to the followingSupported Oracle products

1) OLAP Products (Express Server, Financial Analyzer, and Demand Planning Server)

2) Oracle Application Server (iAS1.0.2.x/9.0.x/10.1.2.x/10.1.3.x, 10.1.4.x, WebLogic Server (WLS) Release 9.x and10.x, 11g (WLS), HTTP Server, WebCache, J2EE/productname)

3) Oracle Billing and RevenueManagement products

4) Oracle BPEL Process Manager

5) Oracle Collaboration Suite (Email Server, Calendar, Discussions, Content Services, Workspaces, WebClient, andWireless)

6) Oracle Data Integrator

7) Oracle Developer (Forms andReports)

8) Oracle Ebusiness Suite 11i and12

9) Oracle Enterprise Content

10) Oracle Enterprise SingleSign-on

11) Oracle Enterprise extends cemanagement (Hyperion) products

12) Oracle Guardian

13) Oracle Identity Managementproducts

14) Oracle JDBC/PRO * C/ODBC andother development client related information

15) Oracle Management Server andIntelligent Agent (Grid Server, Agent Server, DB Control)

16) Oracle Networking products

17) Oracle RAC Cluster (Single/Multiple Nodes, Automatic Storage Management, Oracle Cluster FileSystem, Data Guard)

18) Oracle RDBMS Server (Standardand Enterprise Editions)

19) Oracle Retail (Retek)

20) Oracle SQL * Plus/iSQL * Plus

21) Oracle Universal Archive (11g)

22) lelesoft

23) Siebel

Additional new Oracle products will be supported in future releases. We are constantlyenhancing and refining RDA, so make sure you have the latest version! For moredetailed information see the Knowledge 330760.1.

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