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Download fc6 for PS3 (ppc64), burn it into disc, but retain the ISO image for later use!
Download PS3 Linux additional disc (kernel), burn it into Disc
Download otheros. BLD and otheros. self, put it into "/PS3/otheros/" (Capital sensitive) Directory of the SD/MS card [note] otheros. BLD for Fedora 7, which is recommended by cell sdks 3.0 is here. otheros. self is no longer exists from Sony since firmware 1.60.
Plug the network cable on your PS3
Connect a USB keyboard on your PS3

PS3-> Format HDD, 10 Gb for otheros, 50 GB for gameos
Install otheros
Defaultsystem-> otheros
Reboot PS3

For fc6:
Type "Install-Fc SDA" in kboot prompt
When prompt, insert fc6 disc and hit 'y'
Select "1. Fedora Core 6 minimal install", never select option 2, which may take you more than 4 hours to install, and with no component option!
Just do the YES/NO to proceed with the install
After less than 5 minutes, the fc6 disc automatically eject, insert additional disc, and hit 'y'
After less than 2 minutes, type in root password and the additional disc automatically eject. Type 'reboot' to reboot your machine

Fcfor 7:
Type "Linux video = 720 p" in kboot prompt
If prompted "unable to find device", scroll down to find ps3_storage and hit OK.
Just do the YES/NO to proceed with the install

After rebooting, insert fc6 disc again, and mount it onto/mnt/CDROM
In/mnt/CDROM/Fedora/RPMS/, type 'rpm-uvh dhclient * ', this will install dhclient to help you bring up the Ethernet Interface
Type 'dhclient' to obtain IP address. This shocould gives you Dynamic IP address (well, of course, prepare your network cable and set your router to DHCP enabled ).
Type 'yum install OpenSSH-Server'. This will install SSH server (sshd) on your PS3, later on you can remote your PS3 on a PC terminal.
Type 'service sshd start' to bring up SSH Server

Open your PC and SSH to login your PS3 using putty or something similar

On your PC, setup an HTTP server to expose all the fc6 ISO image contents. Note: using tools to extract ISO image files is a bad idea (I got missing files !). I just take daemon tools to load the image and redirect my HTTP server to the Virtual Drive.
On your PS3, edit/etc/yum. Repos. d/*, to redirect all baseurl to http: // yourpc/fc6 and comment out all contents list.
After that, do the following script:

Yum groupinstall " KDE (K desktop environment) "

Yum install pirut k3b mikmod

Yum groupinstall"Server configuration tools"

Yum groupinstall"Sound and video"

# Yum groupinstall"GNOME Desktop Environment"

Yum groupinstall"Legacy Software Support"

Yum groupinstall"Development Libraries"

Yum groupinstall"Development Tools"

# Yum groupinstall"Windows File Server"

Yum groupinstall"System Tools"

Yum groupinstall"X Window System"

Yum install switchdesk lslk logwatch dump lftp bind-utils Sendmail nss_ldap device-mapper-multipath ypbind YP-Tools

Yum install parted. ppc64 rdist. PPC man-pages.noarch talk. PPC pam_ccreds.ppc NC. PPC traceroute. PPC unix2dos. PPC setarch. PPC pam_passwdqc.ppc words. noarch cpuspeed. PPC netdump. PPC crontabs. noarch fbset. ppc acl. PPC dosfstools. PPC usbutils. PPC redhat-lsb.ppc (rsync. PPC mgetty. PPC time. PPC man. PPC pam_passwdqc.ppc64 pam_smb.ppc wget. PPC

Yum install diskdumputils. ppc ftp. PPC pinfo. PPC KSh. PPC jwhois. PPC psacct. PPC ipsec-tools.ppc dhcpv6_client.ppc lsof. PPC readahead. PPC pcmciautils. PPC sudo. PPC yum-updatesd.noarch pam_smb.ppc64 cyrus-sasl-plain.ppc sysreport. noarch pam_pkcs11.ppc64 rdate. PPC finger. PPC anacron. PPC Nano. PPC pam_ccreds.ppc64 parted. ppc attr. PPC tcsh. PPC specspo. noarch Stunnel. PPC mlocate. PPC tcpdump. PPC dos2unix. ppc rsh. PPC irda-utils.ppc numactl. PPC tree. PPC

Yum install pam_pkcs11.ppc tmpwatch. PPC GnuPG. PPC vconfig. PPC iptstate. PPC Pax. ppc mtr. PPC nss_db.ppc rp-pppoe.ppc krb5-workstation.ppc pam_krb5.ppc64 mdadm. PPC quota. PPC pam_krb5.ppc symlinks. PPC smartmontools. PPC tcp_wrappers.ppc64 mtools. PPC setuptool. PPC Telnet. PPC rng-utils.ppc (irqbalance. PPC

# Yum groupinstall"Office/productinetworks"

Yum install netpbm-devel TK-8.4.*

Yum install -- enablerepo=Extras freeglut-devel Mesa-libglu-devel Mesa-libgl-devel libX11-devel libxmu-devel libxext-devel

Yum groupinstall "Chinese support"

If you get 'no Match' error for freeglut or freeglut-extra, just open/etc/yum. repo. d/fedora-extra.repo, and change "enable = 0" to "enable = 1" in [Extra] section. save and restart Yum install.

This will grab RPM packages on your local pc http server, rather than the remote mirror, which can be painful when downloading. When all is finished, we can proceed with the cellsdk.

Reminder: If you want to use X Window for normal users other than root, you shoshould do
$ Chmod 1777/tmp
Otherwise you will not be able to bring up X Window for normal users.

So, wget cellsdk21.iso from your HTTP server. mount it onto, for example,/mnt/ISO.
$ CD/mnt/ISO/software
$./Cellsdk install

Then the script will automatically download some missing components (about 300 m), and you shoshould wait unitl all installation is done. if you have problem downloading some fils, maybe the network sucks, you can download it via your PC and wget it into/tmp/cellsdk-2.1, and install it.

After cell SDK is installed. We can now build the sample code:
$ CD/opt/IBM/cell-SDK/prototype
$./Cellsdk build -- GCC # Or
$./Cellsdk build -- xlc

Http://www.ps3coderz.com/index.php? Option = com_content & task = view & id = 73 & Itemid = 31

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