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Story Introduction: Zhou Meng (Jiang yiyan ornaments) is a university principal Zhou Deming (Chen Dao Ming ornaments). She met Li ran, a provincial newspaper reporter from the romantic news, at a friend's party) they love each other at first sight. Zhou Deming, who has been alone, is unwilling to let his daughter fall in love too early due to segu's prejudice, but his attitude changes after being severely ill. At the time of Li ran and Zhou mengge, the appearance of Li ran's ex-girlfriend LIU Yu gave the two men a gap in their feelings. However, after struggling, Liu finally chose to leave, what really brings about the storm of love is a girl named du xiaobin (Zhang Xiaoyi ornaments), who is inexplicably betrayed and missing from her. Li ran is separated between two women, finally, he ended up marrying du xiaobin. The final death was natural, but it was also sudden. But Zhou Deming himself is a relief and the only indulgence in his life.

(If you have watched TV series, you can skip it. If you have not watched TV series, you can ignore it directly. Therefore, the above is purely nonsense ~)

Shen Yan, the famous director of China's first film-based TV series, followed the Chinese Divorce and made another sensation. Chen Daoming, a famous actress, played the role of starting the mountains for the first time. These are the gimmicks of this TV series, but all the gimmicks are not as attractive as they are !~

Still with love as the theme, love is still love, but it is not just a story on the screen. When youth and growth are at each other's corner, human nature shines in humble and kind, all kinds of emotions are stirring the stories that have happened to us, sweetness and passion, deception and betrayal, confusion and fear, persistence and commitment .... Under the coat of youth, what is surging? Is everything we used to know?

Zhou Meng: Meng is a simple child, not beautiful, but beautiful. She is as clean as she holds the glass of water in her hand. It is the most beautiful moment for a girl. Beautiful girls are at the most beautiful age. God can't help sighing. How can I leave such a delicate thing in the sky? How can I send her to the Earth?

Mengmeng is yearning for a simple life, she does not want to go out, do not want to travel, do not want to exercise, she only needs to keep her little world to live her little day, no competition, quiet to the old. before all suffering, she was born. what impressed me most was that Li ran wanted her to accompany him to Tibet. Zhou Meng hesitated and said, "I am in poor health... tibet is not suitable for me... "At that time, she was completely unaware of what it would mean to ignore her lover and escape from reality. it was too late for her to understand what she was trying to save when she was chasing Li ran.

The original status of many girls is like this. A small heart can only hold a small one, and a clear eye can not hide a touch of dust. Relying on a man's shoulder, the girl thinks that the whole world has been created. I never knew that the world was bright, red, yellow, green, and black and white.

Mengmeng is like a song of youth. It is just because it is about to disappear, so it is very brilliant. Li ran said: The first time I saw these eyes, I hope I can be watched by her all my life, A pair of clear and bright eyes, in these eyes, clear only the next person, the only one, I can not hear their own heartbeat, do not feel their breathing, just feel like you are floating in the air. In this world, only those eyes watching me are there. I know that the color of my waiting, the only one I want, has finally arrived! Zhou Meng is the only one of us. People say that there is only one first love, so if I choose, she is the only one.

Is there an afterlife?
I would like to be a bird who knows how to fly.
An instant opening,
Silent Snowflake.
A blue sky in front of the window,
A storm of books and pages.
A drop of light rain in your hands ......

Du xiaobin: I hate du xiaobin. This is a very strange woman. She can spare herself for material pursuits. But she also has love, especially her saying, "Why can't I see my love ?" This wild, rebellious, unruly young girl who once fell foot in vanity cried for love. Sympathy for the weak, hate for the third party (in a sense, she is a third party), so that many people ignore how deep and true her love is, but simply heartbroken Zhou Meng.

She and Li ran both have similar rebellious spirit. When the obstacle is no longer so conspicuous in the sky of Tibet, the raging fire cannot be stopped. This is a character, that is, fate, li ran cannot escape, but du xiaobin is different. She never thought of escaping. This is her pursuit, love me, and love. This is her simple principle of being a person. Among the numerous people, in the face of pressure, how is such a personality rare and unique? In fact, her love cannot be assumed. This is not her mistake, the director chose to let this love die in destruction. This is the helplessness of the director and the helplessness of society. Li ran's last Silent eyes told us that we are young, after all, Zhou Meng is unable to withstand the pressure of reality. Zhou Meng is a kind of beauty, and Du xiaobin's beauty is also a kind of beauty. The beauty is fragile. In the face of reality, they will all be destroyed.

Li ran: He is a kind person. He does not dare to feel too much about him. It seems that he is derailed and his desires can be forgiven every time. It's really convenient to use a kind name ~

In fact, people are still desire animals. Li ran made the best bet. He and Luo Hui may be more self-prepared by teenagers, but his passion for the night before breaking up with Liu Yu, the madness of Tibet and Du xiaobin can all be vaguely noticed by Zhou Meng in a sentence asking Li ran. Zhou Meng said: you don't trust me or don't trust yourself. After a long wait, Li ran clearly told himself that he also told all men, including women, not to worry about himself.

Last monologue: There are many beautiful scenery in this world, and there are many beautiful places in this world. I promised to walk her around one by one. There are a lot of promises that no one can realize when making a promise. I promised that DU xiaobin would take good care of our little daughter. I would like to take my little daughter and visit these beautiful places and take photos of the beautiful places, such as spring, summer, autumn, and early morning and evening. Along the way, I will tell her the story of a boy who has traveled, met, and experienced on his way to becoming a man, and those laughter and promises that dissipate in the wind. Along the way, we waited while walking, waiting for me to grow older and more like a father, waiting for her to grow up slowly until I understood those stories and understood those tears and laughter. Then, an old father, with his young daughter forever ......

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