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Csdn Project Consultant Service Model Discussion draft!

(Dejun)... said:
Alex said:
(Dejun)... said:
I have a clearer idea these days. I will exchange some comments with you about the project consultant.
Alex said:
(Dejun)... said:Customer needs, our service steps
The customer has the following requirements and the steps for providing services:
1. the customer does not know how much investment and time it will take to complete what he wants to do? Including the recent, mid-term, and long-term investments and proportions? More need to communicate with consultants to help them manage business needs and operation models. -- Consulting Service
2. Based on the consultant's results, the customer determines whether to develop, how to develop, and how to invest. The consultant is required to help set up/select a team and take charge of project control and quality control-supervision and supervision service
3. customer trust consultant, who wants to be responsible for project development management-project management service.
The above three types of service project consultants can provide.
Alex said:
There are no problems with these three services, but the most critical point is that the customer needs to have a detailed, clear, and complete requirement before evaluating the project time.
However, the customer cannot provide or provide complete services.
This is a problem
(Dejun)... said:Service Process and mode: Deposit Mode
The service process and model are recommended as follows:
1. The consulting service must be pre-charged. The deposit mode is used and the service is not refunded to Party A. If one of the consultants is not good, change the other one to the satisfaction level.
2. Supervise the supervision service. If Party A is willing to continue, the consulting fee will be included in the supervision and supervision service and will be charged based on the percentage of the transaction amount of the project. Party A shall also use the deposit service. Coordinates with Party A and Party B, and safeguards the consultant's service fees.
3. project management refers to the direct undertaking of the project by the consultant. The deposit can eliminate the concerns of Party A and the consultant.
(Dejun)... said:
The problem you raised is solved in this way. The common practice is also adopted, which is charged by time and amount of information.
1. Before Consulting, all consultants must set a low service price and a minimum service fee. The deposit of Party A shall not be lower than this. This service includes consultation on how long it takes, consultation on those aspects, and answers to all questions about the customer. If Party A's description is clear, the time is short. If Party A does not express it clearly, then we need to spend more service time and pay more.
(Dejun)... said:Consultancy services should be standardized: time cost + service quality classification
Therefore, I have a requirement for consultants to quantify the service volume and service cost standards.
My suggestion is that the minimum service charge is assigned to the consultant level:
$1000/time, $2000/time, $5000/Time
$10 thousand/time, $20 thousand/time, $50 thousand/Time
The duration of each time increases by percentage.
Information and Service details provided by the Consultant shall be kept in the Personal Profile of the consultant, including the consultant's life and cases.
Alex said:
In this case, the service and process are all correct, and the interests of both parties can be well protected.
(Dejun)... said:All csdn services are free of charge.
Csdn provides free support, free deposit service, and free credit record service and publicity and recommendation for consultants.
Alex said:
The goal of csdn is to build enough influence.
(Dejun)... said:Recruit consultants for activities!
The following job is to recruit consultants to recommend one or two leaders based on different fields, and then drive a group of consultants to serve customers of csdn outsourcing channels. Then, csdn promotes attracting customers to choose the services of consultants.
Alex said:
It is estimated that each consultant will have a special introduction at that time.
Selected by users
(Dejun)... said:Exchange between consultants to form service specifications
In addition, consultants should communicate with each other to form tacit understanding and service specifications as soon as possible. It is the best to reduce the communication cost caused by non-standardization and make every effort to provide their own services. through communication, we can improve their respective service levels and serve more customers.
Alex said:
This problem can be solved through forums, blogs, or MSN.
(Dejun)... said:
How each consultant packs himself and promotes himself depends on his own abilities and levels.
Alex said:
At the same time, avoid a consultant taking too many projects at the same time.
(Dejun)... said:The csdn system provides more detailed service support capabilities
This can be handled in the background. When a consultant participates in a project and is selected as the owner, the service time will be automatically locked. The customer cannot pick him up.
If you have no customers, you can select them.
Now the system is not developed, and there are more customers and consultants. It is easy to develop this function.
Alex said:
Yes, well
The system can be gradually improved
It is important to start the process.
(Dejun)... said:
Do you have any questions about the framework I have mentioned currently?
Alex said:
At present, I think there is no problem
Lets see how it goes

Some problems may occur slowly during implementation and can be improved later.
(Dejun)... said:
Let's talk about it first. Ask your friends to discuss it and take part in some comments. I personally directly exchange opinions with csdn's friends. Hold a forum to organize activities.
This is also the topic and multi-level discussions were held during the meeting of outsourced netizens.
For example, the role of the consultant in connecting the channel.
Alex said:
Good idea.
(Dejun)... said:
This question is discussed here. Let's go back and think about it. You can speak a lot during the 1st events.
Alex said:
Of course there is no problem. Let me sort out my ideas.

Project consultants are very busy,
I have no time to organize and publicize myself,
Csdn should provide better system services.

(Dejun)... said:
In addition, the last time you promised me to sort out the case model-the consultant's table rate and the project launch model, how did you sort it out? I have been waiting for you.
Alex said:
Don't worry, don't forget, I 've been thinking about this, but recently it's so busy.
I will sort it out and send it to you as soon as possible.
(Dejun)... said:
Do you have time?
Alex said:
There will be time on weekends
(Dejun)... said:
Or, give me a scheduled time.
When to submit.
Alex said:
I will make a copy this weekend.
I cannot give you a definite time, because the project is currently in the test and delivery phase. How about it by next Monday?
(Dejun)... said:
Okay. I sorted out MSN. Bye.
Alex said:

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