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Maybe you have two folders in your hand, which contain thousands of files and subfolders. You need to carefully check their differences, or simply find out which file is newly added.

Maybe you are a software collector, and the backup is crazy, but you may not know whether it is new.

Maybe you are a programmer and always need a software that can compare the changes between your backup folder and source code files.

Maybe you are a website administrator and always want to have a software that can help you reduce the labor cost of uploading and Managing websites.

Maybe you want to synchronize two directories, but you find that many synchronization software cannot meet your special requirements.

Maybe ....... You already think that I'm recommending a software

Beyond Compare is the best software that can meet your needs. When I collect software, I have a habit of retaining what I think is the best. Therefore, I recommend the best software to you. I have translated all the help of the software into Chinese, so I will not talk about it much. It will be helpful to read the Help file carefully.

During installation, you will be asked to choose whether to integrate it into the resource manager right-click menu. This should be a required option, because this will allow you to make full use of the flexibility of the program. We recommend that you select it.

1. Introduction

Beyond Compare is a set of very practical file and folder comparison software. It can not only quickly Compare the differences between two folders, but also Compare the content differences between files in detail. The program has a built-in file browser, which facilitates the comparison of differences between files, folders, compressed packages, FTP websites, and data synchronization. You can use it to manage program source code, synchronize folders, compare program output, and verify the copy of the CD. It also supports Script Processing and plug-ins, especially for Chinese characters.

The software has two sets of help systems. One is an external CHM help file that can be called in the Help menu, and the other is the built-in very powerful context prompt function, it is regarded as another help system. In various software settings, if there is a "?" You can press the F1 key to obtain detailed instructions in Chinese.

Official Chinese Version homepage (updated synchronously with the English version ):

Http://www.scootersoftware.com/download.php? C = dl_ SC

2. Folder comparison

Folder comparison: select the first folder to be compared, right-click the folder, and select "select from compare window on the left" from the context menu of resource manager ", for example, here we select "Editplus-boutique" as the left folder.

After the selection is complete, browse the resource manager, find the second folder to be compared, right-click, select "compare with Editplus-boutique", and then start BC, start a new comparison.

When comparing folders, a folder viewer is started, which can be viewed and viewed like a file in the resource manager.

After the comparison is started, you will find that the biggest feature is color display.

For example, for a file, red indicates that the file is newer than the other side, blue indicates that the file is an isolated file and does not exist in the window on the other side; for a folder, red indicates that the folder contains newer files, and blue indicates that the folder contains isolated files.

The "=" in the middle column indicates the same file, and the non-equal sign indicates the file difference. The following figure shows a detailed example.

To view the Folder Information, double-click the folder. The software automatically expands the folders on both sides of the folder and colors the differences.

Right-click the differential file (in fact, it can be used for any folder or file), the following pop-up menu is displayed, you can perform corresponding operations, these menu items can be found in the toolbar or customized.

You may notice that a comparison command is used to select a file (folder) and then browse the second file (folder) in the File Viewer for comparison, for some operations, such settings are very user-friendly. Like one.

There are so many identical files, but you only need to check different or newer ones. What should I do?

In this case, we need to use another very powerful feature in BC-display Filtering

Choose View menu> display Filter

For example, in the window above, if we only view the isolated part, select-only show the isolated part

After filtering is displayed, check the results. Is it much simpler?

You can also perform directory synchronization during folder comparison. For more information about the settings and operations, see Chinese help.

3. file comparison

Similar to folders, you can also start file comparison in resource manager.

Alternatively, double-click the corresponding file in the folder viewer to start the File Viewer for comparison. When comparing files, the software can automatically detect Unicode files. Therefore, BC does not have a separate Unicode version, one version can solve all problems.

Operations such as editing, merging, and filtering are similar to those in folder comparison, and are not described too much. With the help of Chinese, it is nonsense to say too much. Haha

For different lines, the software is displayed in different colors, and the colors can be set in options. The software has built-in flexible customization methods for important and secondary texts. You can customize them as needed.

The leftmost bar with a cursor indicator is called the overview bar. It is displayed on both sides of the BC score, and displayed in different colors on both sides by status. For example, you can merge a single row, the changes will also be displayed at any time. Press the left button at the thumbnail to move the cursor, and the text content will scroll to make it easy to view. In addition to the features described above, there is also a selection box, if you keep dragging the mouse down, the selection box will move, and the text content will also scroll.

Here is a special comparison method in BC-comparison rules. You can define the rules for comparison to obtain the best comparison results. You can also download other rules on the BC website, such as excel, word, and html2txt.

4. BC plug-ins

BC has the most distinctive plug-ins and can be customized. That is to say, you can compile the corresponding file type plug-ins Based on the interfaces provided by the official website, the official website provides plug-in development delphi examples and C ++ examples.

Unfortunately, BC plug-ins can only be enabled after software is registered. But now the network is so developed that many impossible things are easy to become possible.

4.1 Version viewer

Purpose: Compare version information, usually stored in Application Files (such as. exe,. dll,. ocx ). For a large number of execution files, it is obviously unrealistic to use tools to view the version. At this time, the role of BC is more obvious.

You can also set the content for comparison in version comparison.

In fact, this function should only be useful to a few friends, and most people still cannot use it.

4.2 MP3 viewer

Role; compare MP3 song files, you can customize and compare the content, there are playing control below, you can listen to the song in the program. It is also suitable for batch MP3 comparison.

4.3 Picture Viewer

Purpose: Compare image files and display file offsets. Supported types:

JPEG images (*. jfif; *. jpg; *. jpe; *. jpeg)

Windows and OS/2 bitmap images (*. bmp, *. rle, *. dib)

Portable network graphic images (*. png)

GIF images (*. gif)

Icons (*. ico)

TIFF images (*. tif; *. tiff)

GFI fax images (*. fax)

SGI images (*. bw, *. rgb, *. rgba, *. sgi)

Autodesk images files (*. cel; *. pic) old style only

Truevision images (*. tga; *. vst; *. icb; *. vda; *. win)

ZSoft Paintbrush images (*. pcx, *. pcc)

Word 5.x screen capture files (*. scr)

Kodak Photo-CD images (*. pcd)

Portable pixel/gray map images (*. ppm, *. pgm, *. pbm)

Dr. Halo images (*. cut, *. pal)

SGI Wavefront images (*. rla, *. rpf)

Photoshop images (*. psd, *. pdd)

Paintshop Pro images (*. psp)

Metafiles (*. wmf; *. emf)

4.4 HexView

View and compare binary data files

You can set file associations in BC.

This is the comparison result of HexView.

The following is a comparison of the text model. The differences are clear at a glance?

4.5 DataView

Purpose: Compares character-separated text. When compared, the viewer displays the file content as a column. The delimiter can be a half-width comma, space, or other specific characters.

In the dialog box, set the delimiter, Character Set, and other parameters.

This is column.

This is column C.

The following is the display result of regular text comparison. It is not easy to see clearly.

4.6 SymbolViews

Purpose: Compare icons and cursor files

SymbolViews supports the following features:

  • Supports icons with a width greater than 255x255 pixels
  • Supports 32-bit color and transparent mode
  • Align the internal icons of files that contain multi-clock icon formats, and copy and delete individual images from the files based on the comparison images on both sides of the color depth and size.
  • Scaling
  • Adjust the background color to determine different shadow colors.

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