Page does not rise with soft keyboard

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Is in the configuration file corresponding to the activity plus this sentence: android:windowsoftinputmode= "Statevisible|adjustresize"

After setting

the Android:windowsoftinputmode property introduces the interactive mode between the Android:windowsoftinputmodeactivity main window and the soft keyboard, which can be used to avoid the Input Panel occlusion problem. A new feature after Android1.5. This genus affects two things: "One" when there is focus, whether the soft keyboard is hidden or displays "two" to reduce the active main window size to make room for the soft keyboard its settings must be a value in the list below, or a "state ..." value plus a combination of "adjust ..." values. Set multiple values in either group-multiple "state ..." values, such as &mdash, have undefined results. Each value is used between the | separate. For example: In this setting the value (except "stateunspecified" and "adjustunspecified") overrides the value set in the theme for each value: "A" stateunspecified: The state of the soft keyboard is not specified, The system will select an appropriate state or a theme-dependent setting of "B" stateunchanged: When this activity appears, the soft keyboard will remain in the previous activity, whether it is hiding or showing "C" Statehidden: When the user chooses activity, the soft keyboard is always hidden "D" Statealwayshidden: When the Activity main window gets the focus, the soft keyboard is always hidden "E" statevisible: The soft keyboard is usually visible " F "Statealwaysvisible: When the user chooses activity, the soft keyboard always displays the status" G "adjustunspecified: Default setting, usually by the system to hide or show" H " Adjustresize: The activity always adjusts the size of the screen to leave the soft keyboard space "I" Adjustpan: The contents of the current window will automatically move so that the current focus is never covered by the keyboard and the user can always see the part of the input content

Page does not rise with soft keyboard

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