Part of OC Base-----the next day

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To be honest, today did not spend much time watching video learning,

But I tried to take the time.

Don't explain it. The explanation is all a cover-up.

I didn't sleep well in the morning. Because forgot to set the alarm clock, afraid overslept, always half awake state, and too lazy to set the alarm clock .... This habit has to be changed ...

1:30 in the afternoon to start watching video, no nap good spirit, but so I put that four programs to read and also follow the knock, found only about two hours, happy, naked progress. But modesty---modesty----

Then I looked at the key from the beginning and took some notes.

Today I see classes and objects continue tomorrow

By the way, the speed of watching video today is much faster than yesterday, I feel more confident watching!!!!

Hope that tomorrow will be more progress!


Output NSLog (@ "");

1, @ and above quotation mark no space

2, the content of the NSLog output will be automatically wrapped, so do not add \ n


Header file #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

1. Note that the first letter of two words is capitalized

2, #import作用:1> copy of the contents of the file

2> can automatically prevent files from being copied repeatedly


. o File Merge

CC ONE.O Two.o-framework Foundation

1, note-with the previous file has a space, and the framework of the after the after no space


Run process

1. Write the source file of OC. M. C

2, compile cc-c xxx.c xxx.m

3. Link cc XXX.O xxx.o-framework Foundation

4, run./a.out


Use of bool

1. The variable of type bool has two values: YES NO

2, BOOL YES no all uppercase

3, the output of bool as an integer to use

Good night!

Part of OC Base-----the next day

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