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I don't know why. I recently watched several so-called domestic blockbusters and felt cheated. Why? For example, if you don't want to watch a large film, you just have to pay for it. If you want to use a few words to evaluate the so-called large film, three words are enough, that is, a lump of space ......

HerePKIt's boring. It's a Chinese Blockbuster called the promise. In the promise, Lu renjia watched the following Incredible scenes: at the beginning of the film, Cecilia Cheung's special character seduce a bunch of ELE. Me soldiers; at the end of the film, A bunch of wonderful elders ......

Lu renjia seriously despised these so-called domestic blockbusters and felt that these so-called famous directors were not just done by Jiang Yi. Just click Dongdong to publicize them to lie to the audience.Money.

Let's take a look at King Kong in the United States. After seeing it, passers-by a was shocked. It was called a blockbuster, those who eat the old books, do the best, take special shots of "domestic blockbusters", do well, and do the Chinese-made "name Guides" will feel shocked when they read "King Kong?

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