Pentaho Report Designer getting started tutorial (3), pentahodesigner

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Pentaho Report Designer getting started tutorial (3), pentahodesigner

Pentaho Report Designer getting started tutorial (3)

Pentaho Report Designer5.1 is the latest version.

I. Installation and introduction

This section describes how to install jdk, configure java environment variables, download pentaho report, decompress the report, and run it directly.

Ii. Example 1

3. Integration in Swing programs

4. Integration in j2ee

Create a web Project

Compile ant scripts and compile and run projects

<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8" standalone = "no"?>

<Projectbasedir = "." default = "start_tomcat" name = "Ch2WebApp">

<Propertyname = "webDir" value = "war"/>

<Propertyname = "tomcat. home" value = "D:/program/tomcat6"/>

<Pathid = "classpath">

<Filesetdir = "lib">

<Export dename = "*. jar"/>


<Filesetfile = "$ {tomcat. home}/lib/servlet-api.jar"/>



<Pathid = "runtime_classpath">

<Filesetdir = "lib">

<Export dename = "*. jar"/>


<Dirsetdir = "classes"/>



<Targetname = "compile">

<Echomessage = "compile"/>

<Mkdirdir = "classes"/>

<Javacclasspathref = "classpath" destdir = "classes" srcdir = "src" includeantruntime = "on" fork = "true" encoding = "UTF-8"/>



<Targetname = "war" depends = "compile">

<Deletefile = "chapter2.war"/>

<Warbasedir = "war" destfile = "chapter2.war" webxml = "war/WEB-INF/web. xml">

<Classesdir = "classes"/>

<Zipfilesetdir = "data" prefix = "data"/>

<Zipfilesetdir = "lib" prefix = "WEB-INF/lib"/>


<Deletedir = "$ {tomcat. home}/webapps/chapter2"/>

<Deletefile = "$ {tomcat. home}/webapps/chapter2.war"/>

<Copyfile = "chapter2.war" todir = "$ {tomcat. home}/webapps"/>


<Targetname = "start_tomcat" depends = "war">

<Exectimeout = "1000" dir = "$ {tomcat. home}/bin" executable = "$ {tomcat. home}/bin/shutdown. bat"/>

<Sleepseconds = "2"/>

<Execdir = "$ {tomcat. home}/bin" executable = "$ {tomcat. home}/bin/startup. bat"/>




Ø access reports of different file formats through servlet

PublicvoidInit (ServletConfig config)ThrowsServletException {

ClassicEngineBoot.GetInstance(). Start ();

Super. Init (config );



ProtectedvoidDoGet (HttpServletRequest request,

HttpServletResponse response)ThrowsServletException, IOException {



ResourceManager manager =NewResourceManager ();

Manager. registerDefaults ();

String reportPath = "file :"

+This. GetServletContext (). getRealPath (

"Data/ch2_1.prpt ");

Resource res = manager. createDirectly (NewURL (reportPath ),


MasterReport report = (MasterReport) res. getResource ();


// Determine the output format and renderaccordingly

String outputFormat = request. getParameter ("outputFormat ");

If("Pdf". equals (outputFormat )){

// RenderPdf

Response. setContentType ("application/pdf ");

PdfReportUtil.CreatePDF(Report, response. getOutputStream ());

}Elseif("Xls". equals (outputFormat )){

// Render in excel

Response. setContentType ("application/vnd. ms-excel ");

ExcelReportUtil.CreateXLS(Report, response. getOutputStream ());

}Elseif("Rtf". equals (outputFormat )){

// Render inRtf

Response. setContentType ("application/rtf ");

RTFReportUtil.CreateRTF(Report, response. getOutputStream ());


}Catch(Exception e ){

E. printStackTrace ();


Super. DoGet (request, response );


Call servlet through jsp or html files


<H1> Example Application

<P> This is an exampleapplication demonstrating how to embed

Pentaho Reporting into yourweb application. </p>

<A href = "report? OutputFormat = pdf "target =" black "> Generate PDF Report </a> <br/>

<A href = "report? OutputFormat = xls "target =" black "> Generate Excel Report </a> <br/>

<A href = "report? OutputFormat = rtf "target =" black "> Generate RTF Report </a> <br/>


How does Pentaho Report Designer edit the name in structure?

Look for help documentation to make it faster

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