Performance testing-business testing model and performance testing model

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Performance testing-business testing model and performance testing model

Performance testing-business testing model description

With the development of society, software products are applied to various sectors of society, and most of them support key business applications of enterprises, for example, the ERP system in the manufacturing industry, the telecom system, the core business system of the bank, the card business system, and the e-commerce-based business system depend on the operation of the software business system, the running status of these key business systems is the lifeblood of the entire enterprise. If the system performance suddenly drops or the system crashes, this will cause huge losses to the enterprise, just as the stock exchange system is always transactional and money-related, once the system crashes, the exchange may be compromised by angry investors. Therefore, it is very important for software performance to improve system service quality, reduce operation failures and other risks, improve system availability, shorten system response time, and improve customer satisfaction, in addition to the well-designed architecture of outstanding designers, these problems must rely on professional performance testers to conduct comprehensive tests and Performance Analysis on their systems, check whether the system performance meets the expected performance indicators.

System software in each industry has core business core transactions and some auxiliary transaction systems to support the operation of this industry. Therefore, as a professional performance tester, not only do you need to investigate and understand the business background, system implementation goals, and system architecture of the tested objects, but only with these understandings can you design a good test case, the deployed test scenario simulates the real-world environment for performance testing.

Business Model Survey is a very important research link before testing. As a software performance tester, it is very important to investigate the business test model of the system, the establishment of the performance testing business model should be based on the actual production environment system business operation model, and only the model conforms to the actual production business operations, the performance test results can reflect the actual performance of the production system in the future. Based on long-term performance testing experience, the performance testing model of the application system should be analyzed according to the following steps:

Comprehensively analyzes the business transactions that are frequently used after the application system goes online. For example, which business transaction points will be processed in bulk at the end of the month, quarter, or end of the year at the most frequent business transactions per day, these are the sources and types of performance pressure faced by the actual production system. If the system is already online, you can analyze historical data to determine the proportion of the transaction data volume in the system, for example, determine the business category and concurrency ratio of the frontend application subsystem, and the data size and category of the backend batch processing service. The ultimate goal is to establish a business model that simulates the actual operation scenarios of the production application system.

If it is a new project that is used for a long time, when you are not very familiar with the business model or are not very clear about the transactions in the industry in the next few years, you can create a timestamp for the business table when creating a database table. Because the timestamp can record the business transactions and transaction volumes in each time period, it is best to analyze the system transaction volume most accurately, however, in actual design, few people need to design such requirements and add timestamps to each table. After all, additional system performance overhead needs to be considered.

Measure the test taker's understanding about the background of the system's business. What are the service targets of the Business System? If it is a system in use or a system that needs to be modified, how many registered users are there currently? How many online users are there? What are the number of users of various types of transactions? What are the operational habits of various users in the system? When to log on and when to centrally process what types of business transactions?

For example, the front-end business processing system of the banking industry must handle the payment of salaries and household utilities for many enterprise-class companies at the end of the month or the beginning of the month, at this time, the concurrency is amazing. For the front-end ATM, most employees will query and access the salary quota through the front-end ATM. Such high-concurrency data interaction is the focus of performance testers.

ATM is a banking system with many nodes and a large number of users in medium and large cities, and its business processing frequency and Data Interaction throughput are very high, therefore, the transaction processing speed of this business system is an important concern of the financial industry system, these are related to the economic benefits of the bank and the evaluation of the banking business system by the general public and the selection of whether to use the business system for deposit and withdrawal operations in the future. Generally, in this business process, business terminals → frontend servers → transaction application servers → Database Host servers form a business transaction process, the normal operation of each node under a certain working pressure is the basis for the normal operation of the entire system. That is to say, if any of the nodes is congested or not handled in a timely manner under business pressure, the entire system will not work properly.

The most frequently used transactions at an ATM are to insert a bank card and enter the account password for account and password authentication. login from a system is the simplest but most frequently used, therefore, in the design of test cases, similar transactions are the key test points. If there is a problem with system login, it is futile to optimize the internal transactions of the system.

Therefore, in the Performance Testing Process for similar systems, business personnel should work together to provide support for the preliminary performance testing case design and analysis. In this way, we can design a testing scenario that conforms to the actual situation, design a testing strategy, and test the performance data value that conforms to the actual production environment application scenario during stress testing, these test scenarios have a decisive impact on the performance test results. Therefore, the design of the test scenario is critical. The design of the scenario must be combined with the business application.

In a standardized performance testing process, business demand analysis plays an important role. We hope that as a technical tester, we do not ignore the importance of the business, and technology will always serve the business.

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