Photoshop addition two times composition: Wedding piece dream blue tone background

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This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to pull out the wedding movie dream blue background effect, addition two times composition is refers to use the space or the material form to adjust the original picture composition, finally achieves a reasonable composition form. The general addition of two times composition is to use the software in the canvas size command for size and space expansion.

Look at the effect chart first.

Example Analysis:

1, open the need to adjust the photo 01, you can see the photos in the top of the head part of the space is relatively small, and the photo character on the left.

2, double-click the background layer, the background layer to unlock the operation, generate layer 0, as shown in Figure 02.

3. Copy the layer 0 and generate a 0 copy of the layer, as shown in Figure 03.

4, select the Image menu under the canvas Size command, in the pop-up dialog box set a good value and image positioning, as shown in Figure 04, 05.

5, change the size of the canvas after the photo above and right are part of the white space, this is the part we added, as shown in Figure 06.

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