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CSS properties define text decoration border effect background decoration

First, CSS Property definition1. CSS Color Presentation method "Focus"RGB (red-green-blue 3 color channel strength value 0-255) RGB (0,0,0)RGBA (Alpha A is a transparency value of 0-1) Rgba (123,123,123,0)HslHsla (H: Hue, angle value on the color ring (ppt78 page), 0-360S: Saturation, 0-100%L: Lightness, 0-100%A: Opacity, decimal between 0-1)Color:hsla (30,100%,50%,0.8);Hexadecimal (General format #ffffff) (Letter range from A-f, number from 0-9)Opacity:0-1 the opacity level effect of the set el

Graph deduction strategy in FW (3)-send to FW beginners (single background wedding dress map)

Continue to deduct the figure. Today, the status is good. After playing the word for half a day, the head is not dizzy, and the eyes are not spent. Then I will learn to buckle the wedding dress! From the very beginning, deduct the wedding dress map of the monochrome background. To put it bluntly, the key to deducting a weddin

PS Wedding pull map and background replacement

Wedding Drawing and background replacement is a litmus test of whether a user has an in-depth understanding of a range constituency, as it involves the transparency and image background of a wedding gown. Despite the many techniques that will be discussed in the next chapters of this book, I decided to put this case h

PS-Pull Tutorial: A single background of the wedding slice quick-drawing method

This tutorial introduces a more simple background color wedding slice method. Approximate method: When pull the picture, the transparent wedding dress and the character part are separately pulled out, placed in different layers. When the background is changed, the opacity and blending mode of the

Using Photoshop Channel to pull out characters background synthetic wedding photo Tutorial

Original Final effect 1, open the file, such a monochrome background wedding photos, after shooting can be in accordance with customer requirements, the entire background to replace the scenery, classrooms or other scenes.2, open the channel panel, pick a person and

Photoshop details to pull out the background messy wedding dress

Photoshop details to pull out the background messy wedding dress Wedding Pull Figure method has a lot of, if the background is more messy, it is necessary to cut the outline, first to dig out, and then use the pen combined with the channel to pull out the details of the local. Original Final effect

PS for beauty Seaview Wedding film Add the beautiful blue sky background

The tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to add the beautiful cloud effect to the scene person, takes the location wedding photograph, the weather is a key factor, affects the photograph quality directly. This picture of the wedding dress at the seaside, because the weather was not clear enough, resulting in a hazy picture of the sky, lack of level sense, lack of vitality. Hence the need to add clouds, due to the

PS Filter for beach wedding photos to change the background

Pick the wedding is more troublesome, with a single pull tool to pull out the effect is not very ideal, because the transparent wedding dress into the background, if the background is messy, the wedding dress has a lot of sundries. Later on, it takes time to clean up the

Photoshop to create a dreamy dark blue wedding dress background map

Photoshop to create a dreamy dark blue wedding dress background map Original Final effect 1, open the original material, press CTRL + J to copy a layer of background layer, and then select the Fuzzy tool, the strength is set to 100%, the background of the distance to paint a little blur, th

PS for indoor wedding to pull the picture to change the background of another simple method

Original   Photoshop Tutorial effects 1, copy the background (this is our habit) 2, pull out the men's suits, and two people's hair section, into the channel to choose a whole black and white contrast more obvious to do, and then copy this channel color order (see parameters) to enhance the contrast of black and white 3. After the second step completes, presses the ctrl+i to become the reverse phase (why to reverse the

Wedding Photo-Drawing and background processing synthesis skills

The trick is to pull a part out of a picture and synthesize it with another background. Don't underestimate this work, we LifeMany of the ImageProducts have been through such processing, such as advertising, need DesignThe person pulls out the portrait part and then synthesizes it with the background. In fact, digging in your life can be very useful, especially with DigitalThe popularity of cameras, scanner

Using PS to create a tutorial for wedding photo-changing background

Effect: 01, open the picture, ctrl+j get Layer 1, click on the red Circle new Layer 2, placed between Layer 1 and the background layer, and fill your favorite color (pull a gradient as a new background layer of the check effect). 02, in layer 1 to perform the filter--extraction, with the edge of the high light tool at the edge of the character to follow the icon on the green edge, the brush can choo

Photoshop addition two times composition: Wedding piece dream blue tone background

This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to pull out the wedding movie dream blue background effect, addition two times composition is refers to use the space or the material form to adjust the original picture composition, finally achieves a reasonable composition form. The general addition of two times composition is to use the software in the canvas size command for size and space expansion. Look at the effe

PS Synthesis of a variety of tools to perfect the background messy wedding dress

PS Synthesis of a variety of tools to perfect the background messy wedding dress Original Final effect 1, the original material to maintain a large image of the machine, open PS, and then open the original raw material to maintain, into the channel panel, the blue channel to copy a layer, get the blue copy channel, the following figure. 2, select t

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