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To the users of Photoshop software to explain the detailed analysis of the design of creative art text poster tutorial.
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1. Make background image
Press CTRL + N to create a new file, dialog box as shown

Set the foreground color to 122828, press Alt+del to fill with the foreground color, and then select Filter-render-lighting effects to set the dialog box as shown below

Get the effect shown in the following figure:

Let's add noise to the background. Select the filter-noise-add noise command to set the dialog box as shown below:

Next, select the filter-Sharpen-USM command to set the dialog as shown:

Now, the background layer is like this:

2. Add text effects
Set the foreground color to white, with the type tool input "2016" to the text layer grid and make the appropriate deformation adjustment, where I will be slightly taller font:

Next, add the layer style to "2016", which is set as follows:

Get the image as follows:

Continue copying the "2016" layer and add the layer style again as follows:

Get the image as follows:

We found a high light material for the text, put it above the copy of the text layer, the layer mode is "overlay":

Use CTRL + click the text layer to get the text selection, and then use this selection to add a mask to the highlight material, and the layer appears as follows:

The effect chart is as follows:

3. Add decorative effect to text
Find a vector pattern material:

Put it on top of the top:

Add splash footage, above the background layer, layer mode is "overlay", opacity is 60%

The results appear as follows:

4, add text small content
At the top of the Layer palette, type the day's up with the type tool and make the appropriate variants:

To do the layer style for day? Up, set the following:

The results appear as follows:

Add the pattern material below "Day Day":

and paste the layer style of day's up on this layer, the specific layer palette is as follows:

The image appears as follows:

Copy and add a mask to the pattern material layer:

Enter "to persevere means victory!" at the top Make the appropriate deformation and make a black stroke for it:

The final effect figure is as follows:

All right, the above information is the full content of the detailed design artwork creative poster that the user of this software of Photoshop brings to you. In general, the text part with layer style and material overlay production, pattern is mainly through all kinds of pattern picture synthesis up, step though many , but it's not too hard, so let's go to your practice practice now.

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