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In the previous section, we initially contacted the hue/Saturation tool 〖ctrlu〗 in the color Adjustment tool, and now we can easily change the hue of the image. Change the hue of the following left figure to-100 to form the effect of the figure below. But there is a limitation to this, that is, can only change the color of the entire image, if we just want to change the color of some areas of the graph, the following right figure, what to do?

Let's say we're the director and we're arranging a stage play. If we want an actor to change clothes, we must specify who is going to change. This is also true in Photoshop, where a certain part of the image is adjusted for color and must have a specified procedure. This specified procedure is called a selection. Select the area in the image in some way to form a selection. A selection is an important part of the three most important parts of Photoshop are selections, layers, and paths. These three are the essence of Photoshop. Photoshop Tutorials

First, we define two concepts:

1: The selection is a closed area, can be any shape, but must be closed. There are no open selections.

2: As soon as a constituency is established, most operations are only valid for the constituency. If you want to operate on a full map, you must first cancel the selection.

Most of the selections in Photoshop are achieved by using the selection tool. Select a total of 8 tools, centered on the top of the toolbar. They are rectangular marquee tool, elliptical marquee tool, single-line marquee tool, single column marquee tool, lasso tool, polygonal lasso tool, magnetic lasso tool, magic wand tool. The top 4 of these belong to the rule selection tool.

Let's take a look at how to create a selection to achieve the color adjustment of the above figure. Open an image in Photoshop, select the rectangular marquee tool 〖m〗 or 〖shiftm〗 on the toolbar, and make sure the public bar is set as shown below.

Then drag in the image to draw a rectangular area, let go and see the area around the flow of dotted lines. The following is the left figure. So we've created a rectangular selection, and the flowing dotted line is Photoshop's representation of the selection. The area within the dotted line is the selection. If you press the ESC key during the selection process, the selection is canceled.

The color adjustment tool is used to make the adjustment, which will only work on the image in the selection. The right image below is the effect of increasing brightness to +70 using the brightness/contrast. The Brightness/Contrast adjustment tool is stored in the menu "image adjustment". Most of Photoshop's color-adjustment tools can be found here.

Notice that the selection still exists after the adjustment, at which point the other color adjustment tools are only valid for this area.

As I said before, when a constituency is established, almost all operations are confined to the constituency. This also includes the Brush tool we learned earlier, if you use a brush to draw in the image, only the selection will show the effect of the stroke. The following left image Category:

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