Photoshop fast to create dark blue ink Ancient costume character pictures

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Photoshop fast to create dark blue ink ancient costume character Pictures

The author is very good at mixing ideas. Make sure you want the color before blending, and then use the hue/saturation to quickly change the color of the parts to the desired color, then fine-tune the color and refine the details.


Final effect

< small map view big picture >

1, to determine the overall tone

I want the overall background to show a "ink" feeling, so the latter hue as far as possible to the cyan. The first thing to do is to lower the saturation and brightness, the use of mask tools, the first separate adjustment of leaf parts, each part of the need to adjust the value of different, just more layered sense.

2, adjust the background of the large area of red

Also using the hue/Saturation tool, select the layer mask to adjust the background red separately. (You can use the Eyedropper tool to identify the color you want to adjust).

3, adjust the skirt conspicuous red

Since the purpose of this revision is to pull the characters and backgrounds apart, the red skirt and the red background are adjusted separately. But in the same way as in the previous step, slightly pressed the red skirt.


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