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A post-course tutorial on drawing ink effects of Chinese wind by Photoshop

To you photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the production of Chinese wind ink effect of the later tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Ink freehand Photography is always the later artistic mood rendering. Many friends ask how to do in the latter part of the ink style? There is no way to gi

Use Photoshop to create a picture of beauty in ink

This tutorial is about how to use Photoshop to quickly create beautiful pictures of ink and wash, through this tutorial you will learn how to use different texture materials, brushes and color techniques to create a fascinating picture.   1th Step: Create a new blank document with the size set to 1000x1000 px. Create a new layer, select the gradient tool, gradient type to select a radial gradient, and pu

How to create a game signature for a person in the black/white ink style using Photoshop-PS tutorial

This tutorial describes how to use Photoshop to create a signature for a black-and-white and ink-style character game. The pictures produced by the tutorial are pretty, but many materials are used, however, the creation process is not very complex. we recommend that you use this tutorial to learn from your favorite friends. this tutorial introduces the method of using P

Photoshop Brush tool design for ink ring production tutorial

To the users of Photoshop software to explain the detailed interpretation of the use of brush tools to design ink ring production tutorials. Tutorial Sharing: 1, open PS software, press CTRL + N new document, Size: 1500 * 1500 pixels, resolution 72, background selection White, the following figure. 2. Select the Brush tool, press F5 to pull up the Brush preset panel, and

Photoshop Application History brush to make ink wash effect

Original Effect First, open a picture, crtl+j copy a layer, SHIFT+CRTL+L automatic levels (develop good habits). Second, new Layer 2, select neutral gray fill layer, (haha, what is neutral gray?) You do not know, it does not matter, then choose a group of neutral gray look at it, r:128,g:128,b:128, have you found anything? I think you're going to get it, don't you get it? Then let's choose a set of neutral ashes, r:100,g:100,b:100, if I can't see it again,

Photoshop to make realistic ink painting

Photoshop produces realistic ink-wash effects, graphic tutorials The "ink texture" finishes as shown in Figure 01, figure 02, Figure 03, as shown in Figure 04. Figure 01 Ink Effect Figure 0 2 Ink Effect Figure 03 "Ink Tex

Teach you to use Photoshop to create ink landscapes

In Chinese painting, there is a kind of drawing is the use of water to adjust the ink, showing the color of the changes, and then use the hand strokes on the raw paper, produce beautiful picture, this is called ink painting. Here we use Photoshop to make a landscape of ink painting. Original: Use

Photoshop turns the Lotus Pond waste film into freehand ink painting

Photoshop turns the lotus Pond waste film into freehand ink painting. the production of freehand brushwork requires a strong art skills, especially for ink painting has certain attainments. This can start from the frame into their own artistic conception, and then the perfect performance of the later. Original Final effect First, the

Photoshop Synthetic creative Chinese wind ink effect works Tutorial

grafted with pictures, in Photoshop synthesis. First look at the final effect chart: The specific PS tutorial is as follows: (1) Ready to use the material, including three pieces of ink pictures, a black cat and a picture of Populus euphratica. (2) Open the material drop ink one; double-click the background layer to change the propert

Photoshop Synthetic Creative Ink Portrait tutorial

After the completion of the skirt angle part of the effect, began to fly in the crape to create an upward flowing ink. Use the liquefaction to adjust the black crape dynamically, rub the tail of the crape with the eraser and fade the edge. Pick the right brush to connect at the end of the Crape, creating an ethereal rise and fading effect. 8. Overall rendering After completing the overall shape, the color and m

Photoshop makes exquisite doughnut-shaped ink effects

Photoshop makes exquisite doughnut-shaped ink effects. the doughnut-shaped ink is made from a straight line of ink; when made, we first draw a layered linear ink effect with a brush, and then quickly turn to the ring with the polar coordinates filter. Final effect

Photoshop adds ink to water picture

Ink effect of the picture is more difficult to grasp, before processing the best to find some pictures of ink painting for reference, and then can be from the color and texture to beautify, local can also use some ink material to enhance the effect. Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop

How to share the processing steps of Photoshop light color ink painting

To the users of Photoshop software to explain the detailed analysis of the light color ink painting process. Share list: 1. Open the picture you want to work with (Figure 1), and then copy the background layer three (background copy, background copy 2, background copy 3) to the upper level in turn. 2. Point background layer with background copy 2 and replica 3 layer front

Photoshop paper shading and ink rhyme effect

In this article, we use Photoshop to make rice paper shading and ink rhyme effects.1, in Photoshop new 1024*768 file; 2, a new layer of a fill, color #575757; 3, the layer of a texture filter, parameter settings such as (Figure 1); 4, then USM sharpening filter, parameter settings such as (Figure 2), (CTRL+F) four times after such as (Figure 3); 5, adjust t

Photoshop use of material to make lifelike ink word effect tutorial

To you photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the use of material to make lifelike ink-like effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1, a new 800 * 800 pixels, resolution of 72 of the canvas, the background selected white. First, save the text material, in Figure 2 right click "Save Picture as", and keep to this machine. 2, a new group, with PS to

Late-stage tutorial on making cool ink characters in Photoshop

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the production of cool ink word effect of the later tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Final effect 1, create a size of 1275*610 px background canvas, the canvas color is the default white. Then import the downloaded paper texture footage into Photoshop and select a po

Photoshop CS3 will play in the costume of mm ink effect

Mainly using Photoshop Black and white command to make a picture of ink, because PS CS3 after the version of "Black and white" command and quick selection tool, so This tutorial does not apply to CS2 and previous versions Effect chart   Photoshop Tutorial artwork 2. Use "lasso tool" choose skirt pendulum, with "ctrl+t" free Transformation, and "

Photoshop design ink splash effect footwear poster effect production tutorial

We will give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software users and share with you how to create a shoe poster with the design ink splash effect.Tutorial sharing:1. Create backgroundStep 1Create a new canvas in Photoshop and set the size to 960 pixels * 638 pixels. Select the paint bucket tool and set the color to dark blue # 1f222a for filling.Copy and paste th

Photoshop makes elegant Chinese wind-ink portrait

Photoshop makes elegant Chinese wind-ink portrait Final effect 1, modify the original defect: Open the footage to the background, and use the eraser and imitation stamp to repair some of the imperfections. Camera is not high-end, the whole Canon 60d+50/1.8 lens complete, so the quality of the photo itself is not very high, must be in the creative before the adjustment of good photos.

Photoshop brush skillfully Draw ink splash text effects

The final effect figure is as follows. Final effect Diagram Create a new 580x300 pixel or larger white background file in Photoshop. Create a new layer, choose the Brush Tool (B), select the window > brush/or keyboard function keys F5 turn on the brush option, press D to set the default black and white foreground color, using the brush setting options inside these settings. Start with a regular round brush. Depending on the size of the splash

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