Photoshop gives cute girls a hand-painted effect

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The first step is definitely color.

Color of the place you should all know it, do not know I screenshot, point Open and find "optional color"

Don't forget to adjust the size, many people are painted mosaic is because the picture pixel is not big enough, click on the above "image" to find "image size" on the line

Find "Noise" in the "filter" to select "Reduce noise" on the line, and then go to the Sai Painting, the first step I will drag the original image to the new.

Then use the "blur" tool on the original image of grinding skin, in fact, this mushroom cool skin is very good.

Then use red to add a shadow to the character, create a new layer and then switch to "multiply" mode, the main coating is the corner of the eye, nose, mouth

Then began to draw facial features, I generally only use the spray gun, watercolor pen, with the eraser; start with the eyes, I put the new layer down on the top of the toolbar "layer" can find "merge down", and then on the original image with "fuzzy" tool to the eyes, and then use "watercolor pen" to draw eye beads.

Then use the "spray gun" painting, adjust your own anyway, according to my painting on the line.

and draw down the eyelids.

Then draw the eyeball, don't ask me how to set the brush, I use three tool spray, watercolor pen, Eraser, and then in the eye Bead painting vertical bar, don't ask me what it is I do not know.

Yellow on the left, painted blue on the right, and painted with me anyway.

Then the outline to deepen the painting of the high light, do not make steps you will follow me to paint on the line

and draw the eyelashes.

Then draw the high light in the eyes to make him look more water, do not create how to paint the high light follow me to point on the line.

The eye is finished, followed by the nose, using a watercolor pen to absorb the deepest color in the nostril, and then paint the contour on the line.

High light or something, if too bright with an eraser, and then the nose of the high light to draw out on the line "I painted the high light is not very deep."

Then is the mouth, the middle of the line hook out, not as deep, mouth on both sides of the litters to deep.

And then you follow me and paint the high light.

Then began to draw hair, forgot to have eyebrows, everyone casually draw on the line, and then is the environment color I put it all tu.

I painted my hair on the original image with watercolor strokes, first the basic outline of the drawing out

And then with the deepest color in the hair shadow part, I use the spray gun painting.

I'll just hook the hair and use the airbrush to draw the edge.

It's the last of the high lights, that's what I paint.

Anyway, I finished drawing the hair, and then the rest of the hook line what everyone will tick it.

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