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The author's method of making icons is very good. Thinking: First conceived, it is best to draw a draft map, and then start making by the bottom of the icon, with vector tools or pens to check out the outline, fill the color with the layer style to increase the color and texture, local area with texture material or filter to increase the texture can be.

Final effect

1, create a new 1000*800 document, add a gradient adjustment layer, do a #b4b097 to #4e473a 90 degrees radial gradient, set Zoom to 150%, check imitation color, prevent the occurrence of color blocks.

I think you must be very curious, my screenshot in the radial gradient of why the light is not centered, but located in the middle of the home, see our GIF demo.

In the state of the gradient fill, we position the mouse pointer over the screen, and as we move the icon for the moving tool, we drag and the gradient is moved in the same way that it is available in the layer style.

2, use the Rounded rectangle tool to draw a 600*600 pixel rounded rectangle, set the fillet to 140 pixels, set horizontally centered, vertically centered.

3. I named the rounded rectangle "body" and added a layer style to it.

4, copy a layer of "main" layer, change the layer name "projection", the "projection" layer on the lower layer, set the layer fill to 0, and then add a layer style, we enhance the projection effect.

5, the original picture is a similar oval shape, I am here to lazy, or draw the rounded rectangle, the size of 500x360 pixels, fillet radius of 130 pixels, add a layer style.

6. Below, we create the screen, set the foreground color to #b4b097, use the Rounded Rectangle tool, draw a rounded rectangle with a size of 420*280 pixel and rounded corner radius of 100 pixels.

7, add a layer style for this "screen" layer.


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