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In this Photoshop tutorial, we will create a unique text effect, which is simple, shiny text effects can be implemented using simple layer effects. You can also use your head on this basis to change a lot of other styles.

First look at the effect chart:

1. Document/Background

First create a new file in PS, the size of approximately set between 1000x600 is the most appropriate. Fills the background with a black/gradient color (#2b2e2c & #1a1a1a). Now it's just a little bit of an effect, create a new layer, put some brush shapes on your canvas, and use the gradients you've used before to reduce the opacity of the layer 20%.

So we have a good background for putting the text.

2. Text

Well, now it's time to start writing the text. Use a horizontal tool (this is an ordinary text tool) to write letters on your canvas, using relatively large fonts, which are best for bright, interesting colors.

Text settings you can refer to the image above. Font: Neotech (commercial) Color: #b0cc00 size: 182pt So, you need to find a good font! Visit Urban fonts and Dafont for better free fonts. (These two sites are good places to find English fonts) 3,

Text settings you can refer to the image above.

Font: Neotech (commercial)

Color: #b0cc00

Size: 182pt

So, you need to find a good font! Visit Urban fonts and Dafont for a better free font. (These two sites are good places to find English fonts)

3. Text Style

It's time to add some effect to our text! Right-click the text layer on the layers panel and go to the blending option to apply the following layer styles (click Settings).

1) Inner Shadow

2) Gradient Overlay

3) Stroke

After setting the layer, we get a fairly wicked-looking text style.

Oh, very simple it seems that we have almost finished.

4, 3D Shadow

Finally, we're going to add a tough shadow to the text. I think it's easy to apply this layer style (shadow effect), but it's going to be a 3D effect.

Select the text layer (layer palette), and now press the ALT key, press DOWN ARROW once, and then press RIGHT arrow. Repeating this process will copy your text layer and move it down and backwards.

After you have copied enough layers to create a good 3D effect, merge them together (except the original layer) and move them below the original layer. Now you want to fill the "shadow" layer with black. (Is this not quite clear?).

It looks great right now, doesn't it?

5. Finishing work

First I'm going to copy the text layer and then merge it with the blank layer (which merges the layer styles and pixels together). Now you can add a layer mask, use a brush in the layer mask, or you can erase a little text layer with the Eraser tool. I usually use a layer mask: add one (Layer > Layer Mask > Show All).

Now you need to use a good brush in the layer mask. (Brush station There are many people can go to search). When you find it, download it to Photoshop and add it to the layer mask, and the final effect looks like this:

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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