Photoshop makes Crystal apples

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Final effect Diagram

1, build 500x500 image, fill with black. Do the lighting effect to the graphical effect.

2, with Pen tool (pen tool) hook out the outline of the Apple, when the path closed, press the keypad on the Enter, make the path into a constituency. Here's a tip: You can use the Round marquee tool to pull a circle according to the size of the apple, switch to the path panel, point to the small black triangle in the upper right corner, select "Generate Work Path (Makeworkpath) in the pop-up menu, make the selection a path, and then adjust the shape of the apple with the Pen tool, This is more convenient than the direct use of pen hook.

3, keep the selection, in the background layer, press Ctrl+u to improve the color saturation and brightness of the background. This will add a sense of permeability to the finished Apple and make it easier to see the outline of the Apple in the next few steps.

4. Keep the selection, switch to the channel panel, create a new channel alpha 1, and fill it with white.

5, back to the level board, a new layer. Use the Lasso tool (Lasso Tool) to make a selection along the edge of the apple contour and feather it.

6, use the same method to make other reflective. Note: The left side is affected by the smooth surface, to be bright.

7. Create a new channel Alpha 2, take an ellipse with the circle selector, and use the Brush tool (Paintbrushtool) to draw white dots at random in the selection, and then execute the FLITER->DISTORT->ZIGZAG, Amount and ridges were 10 and about 5, respectively (try a few more times).

8. Ctrl-click on Alpha 2 to make the selection float, and return to the layer board to create a white fill, which can reduce the transparency of the layer appropriately.

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