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The tutorial introduces the method of making stereo word effect. The thinking and the process is also relatively simple. First play the desired text or graphics, the best font size, and then use the deformation tool to make the perspective effect properly. Then make a stereo by copying it. The latter is to add texture and high light to the stereo surface.
Final effect

1, the new file, the size of what can be customized, I am here 14.5*11cm,300dpi.

2, choose you want to do the graphics or text, as far as possible to choose more thick graphics or text, so that the effect will be more obvious.

3, I choose is "Zhang Haishan sharp line Body" suitably bold, grid.

4, ctrl+t the object to distort changes, adjust the overall angle and perspective relationship, give a person an object is put down in the sense of the ground. Of course, if you have a better idea, you might as well go and try, good ideas are always inadvertently found! 11, this time, we can carefully observe the details of the entire object, light and stereo effects, and so on. Then who said, know each other, Square hundred war is not idle. 17, change its layer mode to "point Light", the transparency is 30%.

5, after good deformation, the layer style in the object layer to add gradient overlay and relief effect, gradient parameters do not require, as the preference to pull, because this is only convenient for us to compare and observe the effect, and the relief is the next step to lay a good foundation.


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