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Photo Studio on the color of portrait photography more and more high, through the later color enhancement photo effect, especially through the designer color technology changes, better express the idea that the photographer want to express, thus showing a completely different color effect.

For digital post-processing, the designer's first impression of the photo is important because it determines the basic idea behind a series of productions. As for the color of the steps and techniques ever-changing, but the ultimate goal is to achieve more aesthetic visual effects. Therefore, digital designers to fully understand the photographer's picture expression ideas, better show more perfect work.

In post-production, many people now like to emphasize the "color", the trend of popular color, want to make a portrait photo with visual aesthetic effect, in the production of color understanding must be very sensitive, color in the general work played a role is the most important. Through the designer color palette, make the picture beautiful and guide the reader's eyes and interest, in short, is your own palette of ideas to show, here we introduce 3 kinds of simple and quick color method, especially through the color, to change the face of the whole picture, rendering aesthetic color techniques.

Deep Cyan by customers like one of the colors, a lot of customers want their own personality some, so the alternative dark cyan becomes one of their favorite colors, and then a simple way to teach you how to debug out of the dark cyan.


Effect chart

1, the original figure is too dim, we have Excellent Order (10) (0.87) (234) to make the photos thoroughly bright, the main use of color level to pay attention to the details of the characters, do not let the photos pull out too many dead ends.

2, we use lasso tools, circle the constituency, the protection of the primary colors, the implementation of graphics and text curve, so that the photos more transparent, we must follow the graphics and text curve, and other methods to adjust the dead end will appear too much will affect the beauty of the photo.

3, the overall adjustment, the curve Select red channel pressure red, photo background will show Cyan, the characters face yellowing, effective minus the overall picture of red, this method of red reduction is simple and quick.

4, the execution curve, chooses the blue channel basket, lets the photograph be more penetrating, is more beautiful, causes the photograph to adjust to want. The specific operation of the photo itself according to the amount of pressure yellow, blue, get the effect you want.

5, the implementation of Hue/saturation, choose the Cyan channel hue (-21) Remember to choose the Cyan channel, if the overall tone will change the color, you will not appear to want the effect.

6, the implementation of Hue/saturation, choose the Cyan channel hue (0) saturation (-37) lightness (-23) Let too bright cyan color Dim Some, do not too eye-catching, according to the photo itself appropriate to reduce blue and green.

7, the overall output level (14) (1) (249) Finally add through, it appears that they want the effect. Attention should be paid to the use of the color scale do not expose the photos too much.

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