Photoshop produces flame burning effect of WordArt

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This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to make the flame burning effect of the WordArt tutorial, texture flame word with other flame word production idea is basically consistent, only in the production of flame word, need to add some unique texture, such as cracks or other materials. This makes the flame word more personality.

Final effect

1, first choose their favorite font, in the AI into a vector, and then add some strokes, to increase the form of calligraphy font sense. Here you can save the PNG footage shown below, create a new 800 * 600 pixel file with black background, drag the text material in and fill it with white.

2. Add material to the font, open the texture material shown below, drag onto the text, load the text selection, press CTRL + J to copy the texture of the selection section to the new layer.

3. Add layer style to the copied texture layer, choose bevel and Emboss effect, the value can be grasped by oneself.

4, this step, I copied a layer placed above, to lift a few pixels, two layers are set to make the entire font look three-dimensional. I added a layer of material on both floors to make the font more holistic.

5, because I want to do the flame word, all the font itself I added some cold tones, so and the flame warm some contrast.

6, I use the material of the wall cracks pasted up, the cracks into the magma material.

7, the last step to add flame effect, the flame needs to undergo a simple deformation treatment, and then change the blending mode to filter color.

Final effect:

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