Photoshop text effects: Super shiny texture of the technical sense of the text

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This tutorial uses Photoshop to make a glass-shiny stereo WordArt tutorial, which is a simple way to make a super shiny texture, and with the material it looks like a futuristic technology. Like this effect of friends can follow us to study together.

Look at the effect chart first.

The version used in this tutorial is Photoshop CS5, with a size of 1024 * 768, and for those who are in doubt in this tutorial, learn more about the basics of the palette.

1, open the background material, create text, use Alba font, size 500 pixels, color for #77a5c2.

Duplicate a layer, and the replica layer is populated with 0

Double-click a type layer to apply the following layer styles

Projection: Color is #51626a, mixed mode multiply bottom, do not use global light, angle 30, distance 17, block 0. Size 8.

Bevel and Emboss: depth to 500, size 43, Contour: Ladder, anti-aliasing

Contour: Contour set to semicircle, anti-aliasing

The effect chart is as follows:

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