Photoshop text Effects Tutorial: 3D special effects Red love Word

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This tutorial font effect is roughly divided into two major parts to complete. First, the three-dimensional word part of the production, method and other three-dimensional word production similar. The other part is the decoration part of the production, need to use some patterns such as brush to decorate.

Final effect

1, new document 500x400 pixel, background fill #520100. Front color #aa0b09 Enter text love.

2, right-click the text layer > grid text, ctrl+j copy a layer, add layer style .

3, press and hold Ctrl+alt after clicking on the arrow keys several times, we saw a copy of some layers, to merge these layers.

4, the original text layer (without the layer style) moved to the top of the layer.

5, add layer style.

6. Merge all the text layers and add projections.

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